The latest book by Real World Business Coach, Danny Creed details the events that happened, beginning in September 2015, that would forever change his life. A triple by-pass heart surgery, with a near-death experience and the devastating death of his mother all in a 24-hour period set in play a chain reaction of experiences that would, in the end, create positive and powerful results.


How do you honor a “second chance?”

With this challenge Danny embarked on a process of discovery and self-evaluation. What emerged was eleven decisions detailing exactly how was he going to change what and how he thought, spoke and acted. The powerful results define what every person has available to them, and that is the power to award themselves a second chance, to do things differently or not. And, that is the decision that is the hardest. We’ll learn that it’s not so much what you can do to live a better life, it’s more about honestly asking yourself and accepting the answer to the question, “Do you really want a better life?”

A LIFE BEST LIVED is within the reach of everyone and Danny Creeds story while both unnerving and sad is equal parts filled with hope and purpose and a blueprint for any reader to plan their own, LIFE BEST LIVED.


Danny’s story is inspirational

Danny’s story rings true for me because I too had a NDE…he inspires with his truth and you can see it shine through…the demons in his head and his prayers answered…I get it.. and Mom’s visits…again…read it…you will not regret and you will carry his words around with you. – Stephen Lentini

Second chance self-reflection at its best!

I asked myself these questions while reading Creed’s work: “If I had a second chance, how would I be? How would I act? What would I do differently than before?” Chapter 14 and Chapter 39 are my favorite parts of this book. They create a contrast and highlight God through powerful messages filled with the spirit of second chances. Creed’s story was not only chilling and emotional for me, but it was a great book for self-reflection and for living a better life now–a life as if there may not be a second chance for any of us. – Rick Jetter, Ph.D.

Inspiration and heart!

A friend recommended this book to me and I’m glad she did. I would have never found it and never would have experienced the inspiration and raw honesty of what it means to take life by the horns and live it to the best of your ability. BRAVO Danny Creed for a powerful book. – Rick Clemons

“A Life Best Lived” is a story of inspiration and courage

Danny Creed’s Book: “A Life Best Lived” is a story of inspiration and courage that reminds us we can choose to be victims of the hardships we face in life, our learn to rise above them! Since we have all faced difficult life circumstances – this book is a source of hope and redemption for everyone! – M. Tublin

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