I love to spend time each day reading books and articles by some of the great motivators; speakers; personal development researchers and thinkers of our time. Whether I agree or disagree it is all knowledge that I can absorb and filter and use for my own growth and education.

One of my favorites has always been the prolific Rev. Robert Schuller. I recently came across his definition of the four different types of people in our world. It’s quite a fascinating picture that he describes and he really cuts to the quick in just a few words. With all due respect to Rev. Schuller, I have taken his writing and changed its focus a bit. I’ve taken the exact text referring to “people” and changed it to Business People…and I didn’t change a word! It’s just as applicable although we’re taking a completely different focus.


FIRST, there are the COP-OUTS: These people set no goals and make no decisions!

SECOND, there are the HOLD-OUTS. They have a beautiful dream, but they’re afraid to respond to its challenge because they aren’t sure they can make it.

THIRD, there are the DROP-OUTS. They start to make their dream come true. They know their role. They set their goals, but when the going gets tough, they quit.

FINALLY, there are the ALL-OUTS. They are the people who know their role. They want and need and are going to be stars; star students, star parents, star waitresses. They want to shine out as an inspiration to others. They set their goals…The all-outs never quit.

So which one are you? Come on now, this is one you want to answer honestly. The missing element in the first three is commitment.  Without commitment nothing happens.  Sure there might be other elements involved but things like passion and discipline and belief and positive thinking are all embodied within a strong commitment.

The legendary comedian, Bill Cosby is quoted as saying, “Anyone can dabble, but once you’ve made the commitment, then your blood has that particular thing in it and it’s very hard for people to stop you!”

No matter what you’re doing in life do yourself a favor and get committed. I guarantee you that your results will be different. And by the way, if you won’t commit, go back to the couch and get out of our way. There’s always a movie on to watch.

If you need some help getting out of a slump and committing to life give me a call or write today. It’s what I do and I’m open for business.

As always, be GREAT!

Coach Dan

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