5 Ways To Unleash Your Potential

I’m on my simplicity kick today. If you’ve read any of my other articles you know how I feel about people who make a ton of money by making us think that most simple things really are harder and more complicated than we really know, and that we need them to decipher it for us.

Look, success, among other things, is really easy if you just master and discipline yourself into committing to the foundational recipe. That is doing the basic things that you must be good at before you can ever do the fancy. Here are five very simple strategies that you can do today to change your life tomorrow. The hardest part about them is getting off of your butt and doing them. So what are you waiting for?

  1. Raise Your Standards: Raising your standards turns your “should” into “musts”. Everyone has a list of “should”: ‘I should spend more time with my kids. I should lose some weight.’ People don’t change they just end up “shoulding” all over themselves. Convert “should” into “musts” and your entire life changes.”
  2. Change Your Limiting Beliefs: Sometimes your goal is crystal clear, but you find yourself failing to act, pulling back or sabotaging yourself. You have inner conflicts based in fear or doubt. Unless you uncover your inner conflicts, they will cause you to fail. When you align your inner beliefs with your goals, you can tap into your fullest potential.
  3. Model Strategies That Work: Success leaves clues. Model someone who is already achieving what you want. It could be a great business, relationship or a fit body. Remember, they aren’t lucky; they have strategies that work.
  4. Intensify Your Emotions: A mentor of mine once said, “It’s inevitable that life will hit us with a crushing blow. If you face it head on, it will give you the muscle of life—psychological strength.” View it as a gift and find a way to use it.
  5. Give Much More Than You Expect to Receive: The meaning of our lives is shaped by what we give, not what we get. Live every day to give something of value to those around you. You will experience a life of meaning and joy.

Implement just one of these five thoughts in this next week and see what happens. The next week, you’ll want to do another one! Guaranteed.

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