9 Ways Ted Lasso Is A Compassionate Leader

Leadership is not about yelling and telling. Leadership is not about instilling fear in the team with threats and negative consequences. Instead, leadership is about having a vision and getting your team to work together to achieve the vision. It’s not an easy task to learn compassionate leadership, but I do have a suggestion of where to start.

Honestly, I didn’t understand what all the buzz was about until I watched the first episode of the acclaimed show, TED LASSO. The first episode had me hooked. After that, my wife and I binged (in one day) the entire first season. And then the second season as well.

Ted Lasso is an American football coach recruited to coach a failing English football (we call it soccer) team. He knows nothing about the game, but he does know people. It is funny and sad, heartwarming and dramatic all at the same time. But, beyond the story, TED LASSO is a masterclass in coaching and compassionate leadership, which has given me an excuse to rewatch the series.

My good friend and CEO of FocalPoint Coaching & Training, Steve Thompson, blogged this article. I want to share the list of 9 WAYS TED LASSO IS A COMPASSIONATE LEADER with his permission.

  1. TED Knows Everyone’s Name: From the equipment manager to the owner, Lasso genuinely cares about every person on his team and makes them feel valued.
  2. Ted Values Everyone’s Opinion: Lasso solicits input from everyone on his team, makes a decision, then takes action.
  3. Ted Pushes people Out Of Their Comfort Zone: He sees potential and looks for ways to develop the people around him.
  4. Ted Makes His Team Feel Safe: He listens to his team and builds trust by helping them work through conflict, being vulnerable, and putting the team’s best interest first.
  5. Ted Doesn’t Pretend To Know It All: Lasso is not a soccer expert (to say the least, if you’ve watched the show, you’ll know what I mean), but he surrounds himself with people who are. As a result, he empowers them to do what they do best, freeing them up to focus on his strengths.
  6. Ted Doesn’t tolerate Drama: Lasso takes action to prevent toxic behavior from infecting his team and empowers them to do the same The TEAM ends up doing a great job of protecting their culture
  7. Ted Asks Great Questions: He calmly asks questions that ignite an empathetic response or help his team.
  8. Ted Gives People The Credit They Deserve: Lasso happily celebrates and credits others when they have great ideas. In addition, he makes sure they celebrate their wins.
  9. Ted Does The Right Thing: Ted Lasso treats everyone he meets with respect and compassion and has no judgment. He develops trust through his actions, which signals, “I have your back” to his team.

TED LASSO is a live-action textbook on leadership. Executive, entrepreneurs, and small business owners know that the success of your business revolves around your skill in getting the most from your team. Unfortunately, most business owners are not skilled in this art. So, when you have time, tune into Ted Lasso with an open mind and see what you might learn. Your future might depend on the quality of your leadership.

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