Are You Committed To Success?

The situation comes straight out of children’s story books. Remember the story about Henny Penny, the little chicken who made great bread. Everyone wanted to eat it but no one wanted to help make it.

The story plays out every day in the real world when it comes to how businesspeople and people in general feel about success and what it takes to get it. Everybody wants it, but not everybody is willing to work for it! If you conducted a survey asking people if they wanted to be successful, I would take Las Vegas odds on the fact that ALL of them would say YES! However if you would change the question and ask them “Are you willing to commit to success and make any and every sacrifice necessary to be successful?” my guess is the answer would change by about 98%, meaning that most would question the meaning of sacrifice, would want to think about it or would just say no.

I see this every day in my Business Coaching practice when working with business owners; entrepreneurs; professionals; franchisees’; sales people and executives from companies of all sizes. They all want the spoils but simply are not willing to do what it takes to achieve at high levels. This is especially tough for people who think that they are entrepreneurs in pursuing a start-up, or others who have bought a franchise. Many come from very successful corporate environments where they have budgets; reputations; did I say BUDGETS; marketing teams; sales teams and more. They go on their own with only their thick resume from corporate successes. And, when they have to put in the time and effort to do it on their own, they either don’t know what to do or aren’t willing to do what is necessary once that becomes apparent.

I have had people during business coaching sessions and in some of my seminars and workshops ask me what it takes, what is the secret to success, particularly entrepreneurial success. I will usually, and usually very directly share with them the secret based upon personal experience; shared experience and the experience of many other successful business people. The first secret is always the simplest secret: You have to work very, very, very, very, very, very hard….and smart!
The second secret is: Repeat the first secret!

Some will give me a knowing smile. Others will give me the “stink” eye and then complain that I’m holding back and not sharing the “real” secrets. I even had a guy that once looked at me and in a very dejected manner told me, “I’m not willing to work that hard.”

Either way they know I’m right.

I don’t care what kind of degrees you have or from where. I don’t care who your family is or what your name is. I don’t care whether you were born rich or poor. I don’t care what color you are or where you came from. The fact is that you’ll still have to commit to work and work hard with clarity to achieve your goals and dreams.

And yes, it is that simple.

Need some clarity on where you’re going and how to get there? I can help. That’s what I do. Give me a call or write me anytime. I’m open for business and business is good!


Coach Dan

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