Be The Disrupter

We’ve heard the quote before, but it just seems to ring more valid today than any other time. Jeff Bezo’s said, “Be the Disrupter or Be the Disrupted.” This year Covid-19 has been the disrupter. It has changed how we think and how we do business. It has indelibly been the disrupter that has disrupted our lives. However, many of us have seen opportunities available due to the disruption. If you are a possibility thinker, this is the most incredible time for a business opportunity than ever before.

Today, smart businesses are still in place because they chose to stay in business by conducting their business differently than ever. They perfected remote commerce. They changed business practices to fit the new demands of their customers. You can become a disrupter by understanding how to take advantage of the disruption. It wasn’t that video conferencing was an available tool long ago, but it wasn’t essential. When Covid-19 became a reality, video conferencing was crucial. An up and coming company called ZOOM suddenly became the best breed for the industry and grew.

But, this has been happening for several years. Some notable examples include UBER. They are the largest taxi company globally and now have cars, no drivers, just software. Airbnb is the biggest hotel group globally and owns no rooms, no hospitality staff, again, only software. Both of these businesses have disrupted an established industry in a very short time.

Earlier this year, I sat with all of my clients and explained that I acknowledged that the global pandemic was real and that it was terrible and that its effects would be with us for quite a while. I also told them that I was not leaving until we came up with two specific opportunities that they could have because of the pandemic. Some fought the idea of having positive thoughts about the situation, but most took the time to set aside their fears and think about opportunities. I can report that, so far, every one of these clients has had record months. They stayed in business and thrived because they changed their mindset and looked for opportunities based upon their consumers’ changing requirements.

They became the disrupters. While their competitors were on the fence, trying to decide what to do, others were being creative and thinking and listening. All the while stealing customers from their competition and creating new customers. Take a moment and be honest with yourself. Are you a disrupter, or are you the disrupted? Your answer could tell you why you are successful or not.

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