What Winners Want!

You know, sometimes I just get worn out by all the self-help/success gurus; futurists; researchers; clinical psychologists; new age prophets and “instant-success formula” pitchmen. Now don’t get me wrong, as a working business coach I completely believe in the potential of every person and the necessity of an ongoing personal education program. There are quite…

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The Art of Telecommuting: A job skill of the new economy

Employers are looking more and more for future employees and managers and leaders with the skills to telecommute. Today about one in five workers telecommutes on a frequent basis and nearly 10% work from home every day. And the numbers are growing for good reason. The economic potential is staggering. Businesses that promote telecommuting see…

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Adventures in Hiring

Last week I was interviewing a young lady and recent college graduate for a position that I have in my business coaching practice. She was great! She came to the meeting prepared, dressed for business and had done her homework. It was so refreshing that I caught myself smiling. I was smiling because this sharp…

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