Tired of business advice that isn't concrete? If you want proven, exceptional business advice, and you want to learn from a leader . . . someone who doesn't just talk about business, but who has successfully practiced what he shares, look no further than business coach Danny Creed. Both of his business books offer stellar advice. You can find Straight Talk: Thriving in Business, or Champions Never Make Cold Calls: High Impact, Low-Cost Lead Generation at any online or brick and mortar store, or just ask your librarian and they can get you a copy, too.

Business coach Danny Creed shares real life business experience, big and small, with his collection of blogs and articles focused on the many aspects of running a business. Learn from his failures, take advice from his success stories. Every page is a glimpse from lessons learned from raw-boned experience, from being on the street, winning some and losing some, but learning and growing every day.

Welcome to the Champions’ Power Referral Network. I devised the process and strategy behind this system through years of trial and error and frustration. The Champions’ Power Referral Network puts the most powerful—and sometimes simple techniques—into one cohesive blueprint. The system encompasses all the secrets of prospecting, networking, marketing, priority/time management skills, and sales strategies that promise to propel those who use them to the top of their field.

The latest book by Real World Business Coach, Danny Creed details the events that happened, beginning in September 2015, that would forever change his life. A triple by-pass heart surgery, with a near-death experience and the devastating death of his mother all in a 24-hour period set in play a chain reaction of experiences that would, in the end, create positive and powerful results.