Champions Never Make Cold Calls: High-Impact, Low-Cost Lead Generation

“All businesses are about three things: skills, doors, and Champions. The doors open and they will open on occasion for any business coach. A Champion will help open those doors for you, or they’re on the other side of the door and they open it and let you in. But a Champion is not interested in anyone without formidable skills. So, a Business Coach can only really effectively advance their interests by getting skillful, and then they get recognized hopefully by a Champion who will help them open doors.”  Paraphrased from a quote by Pat Fraley, adapted by Business Coach Dan Creed

Welcome to the Champions’ Power Referral Network. I devised the process and strategy behind this system through years of trial and error and frustration. Like anyone who has ever sold anything, we know that prospects and customers just do not fall from a tree. They come from lots of hard work and sometimes (particularly in the past) lots of cold calling. Great prospects and new customers also are a product of smart marketing and calculated networking and several other time-intensive activities.

At first, I thought it would be insane to think I could achieve all of these strategies. If I did, how would I have time to sell to the leads that I generated? The problem was obvious, but I didn’t know what to do about it. Most of the experts in the field at that time didn’t know what to do either. Everyone who taught successful selling seemed to avoid that issue. I read all the books about selling and prospecting, but none pointed me to a simple way to get everything done using one strategy. It made sense to me that a simple strategy to accomplish all the “required” activities was what was needed.

Another thing that made a lot of sense was that the pressure of finding prospects should never be solely on my shoulders. I observed many salespeople struggling, working long hours trying to find qualified prospects. Their success was based on how many of their limited hours they spent in front of prospects.

That is a huge weight for anyone to bear.

A solution came to mind. I decided to focus on how I might build a massive army of “referral” agents—people who either knew me and liked me, respected me, loved me, or simply wanted to help me. People who would readily refer me to others when and if they had a chance.

The challenge to set up a system where this would work not only for me, but for others, was on. This led to years of piecing together the thoughts of some of the top minds in the sales business and adding those to my own experiences. The result of my focus was the development of the Champions’ Power Referral Network for lead generation, a system that has proven to be overwhelmingly successful.

I use this system every day. Because I do, I’ve built a successful, world-class business-coaching practice. It’s allowed me to profitably build large sales organizations and I’ve used it in thirteen entrepreneurial startups. I have taught this system to my local and international sales staff for years. I have trained thousands of professional salespeople to use this system. It was created through a burning desire to change and adjust to the market. Simply put . . .

But there are

The concepts of the program are not new. You will have heard about some of the concepts, although some will be fresh. But what the Champions’ Power Referral Network does is put the most powerful—and sometimes simple techniques—into one cohesive blueprint. The system encompasses all the secrets of prospecting, networking, marketing, priority/time management skills, and sales strategies that promise to propel those who use them to the top of their field.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Classic & noteworthy

This book should be mandatory reading for anyone who wants to start a business or grow their business. The insights inside are timeless, but so often either not known or not applied. I see this book as giving me both a shot of inspiration and a checklist for growth.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Well worth the price

Danny Creed has certainly poured a lifetime of business experience into this. I found myself highlighting all the places where I realized I could take action to do a better job of building my business. I can see myself coming back to this book again and again.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Business Toolbox

This book definitely has earned its place as one of my go-to books for improving my business. The author spells everything out so well, making every concept not only clear, but actionable. When I find a business book that's more than theory, I'm thrilled. If you like books with some meat in them, you'll like it, too.