And the saga continues.

If you’re not up to speed please refer to my previous blog. The gist of the matter is that while on an early morning business flight I had an epiphany. It wasn’t just an old run of the mill epiphany, oh no, it was an Old Testament; waters parting; head spinning kind of epiphany.  And it all started with a page in an in-flight magazine with the picture of a beautiful lady holding a big cigar followed by ad copy that had nothing to do with the lady and the cigar.

The copy read, “In business you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”  Actually I think this was probably an advertisement for a negotiation seminar or software or something like that, maybe. I might have actually known if I would have looked on the previous page, but the page I was looking at said nothing about any product so my mind ran with it.

When you think about it that’s a powerfully simple yet exacting headline.  It’s magnificently elegant yet refined. Gads that rolled off the tongue a little too easily didn’t it? Magnificently elegant yet refined. Wow!  Anyway, it’s all about the headline and what it means.

How many of us go to the store to buy something. Canned soup; socks; pickles; clothing; shoes; appliances; carpet maybe, and we go in to buy these items and we walk up and pay for them, just like that. We accept the price, we nod, and we pay. Done!

In turn how many times have you tried to sell something that might include a product or service or asking for a raise at work; or trying to get your kids to do something…and ended up settling for the easiest solution.

We should keep in mind that many times if not most of the time, the price or the “deal” is negotiable.  A price on any goods and or service is almost never a number that’s scientifically derived. It’s just a number that someone hopes to get for the goods or service. You don’t have to believe me. In almost any of the great books on negotiation by Gary Karrass or Herb Cohen or any other authority on the subject, you’ll find a similar thought on how prices are derived.  Think about it. There is the famous Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and then there is the sale price. There is a deal that they would like and a deal that they would gladly accept. Have you ever wondered why everything always seems to be on sale? If not this week, it will be on sale next week. Putting things on sale is a business’s way of negotiating the price or deal for you. If you won’t try to negotiate with them, they’ll do it for you, but on their own terms. They’ll win either way!

So here’s the kicker. If you follow the advice of the experts you should at least try to negotiate because everything is negotiable.  At this point I must throw the yellow caution flag.  Be careful and be sure to pick your battles. It’s not likely that the next time you go grocery shopping that you’ll want to try negotiating the price of ketchup. The store won’t like it and your fellow shoppers in the checkout line will probably throw you out of the store before the store throws you out.  But, when it comes to business dealings, be sure that the thought of negotiating is top of mind.

All I ask is that you always set aside a brief moment to think about it! It’s a tough business climate out there and if there is a chance that you might get a better deal and everyone is still happy, then you owe it to yourself; you owe it to your business to negotiate. Never forget that the world owes you nothing. Very few of us are heirs to fortunes or are entitled to anything so to get more out of business and life than just surviving…to truly thrive never forget the immortal words of the lady with the cigar….“In business you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”

In PART 3 of this discussion we’ll talk about the Foundational Rules of Negotiating, so stay tuned!

And of course if you need some help putting a deal together let us know…that’s one of the things we do at Grow Southwest. So give us a call or write today. We’re open for business! And as always,


Coach Dan


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