I love to eat lobster. I like to have a bucket of butter, some lemon wedges, some corn and potatoes, and of course, a shower curtain to wrap myself in to catch all of the flying juice and shell. I recently learned that the humble lobster isn’t the smartest thing in the sea or the…

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Resolutions For A Better Year

Resolutions for a better year

Life really sucks if you believe it does. Or this can be the most significant time for opportunity and growth than any other time in history if you think it does. Through all we’ve gone through, I know people who have struggled mightily and know people who are setting records personally and professionally. I have…

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The Secret To All Success

Hard Working Businessman

I never had that “Mommy and Daddy” money. I had that “If I don’t work my ass off,” I won’t have any money. And, that is my secret to all success. I’ve been very blessed in my life. I’ve experienced a reasonably high level of success in almost everything I’ve set my mind to do.…

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