Resolutions For A Better Year

Resolutions for a better year

Life really sucks if you believe it does. Or this can be the most significant time for opportunity and growth than any other time in history if you think it does. Through all we’ve gone through, I know people who have struggled mightily and know people who are setting records personally and professionally. I have…

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Programmed for Mediocrity

What a dull and boring life it would be if I had to wake up every morning with the only hopes and dreams I had were to make it through the day. If I ever allow that to happen, I hope one of my good friends finds me and kicks my butt around the block…

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Plan B

The prophecy of the ages was when Napoleon Hill proclaimed so many years ago, “The primary reason for failure is that people do not develop new plans to replace those plans that didn’t work.”  First of all, let’s be clear. I have found that business owners who are struggling to survive share one thing in…

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