What’s Next?

I am a big dreamer. I always have been. However, our world has far exceeded even my dreams. It wasn’t that long ago, actually less than ten years ago, that I saved my money to buy technology and other “stuff” I thought I needed. I bought GPS systems; a digital watch; digital voice recorders, a…

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Hope Is Not A Strategy

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? I try to see it as a spectacular and majestic span created by nature. But, another part of me sees a big crack in the earth that is a long way from one side to the other. The gap is even more significant in the chances a…

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Resolutions For A Better Year

Resolutions for a better year

Life really sucks if you believe it does. Or this can be the most significant time for opportunity and growth than any other time in history if you think it does. Through all we’ve gone through, I know people who have struggled mightily and know people who are setting records personally and professionally. I have…

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