How To Do Marketing Wrong

You know the dumbest thing that I ever hear by a business owner is when I ask them about their marketing and if it works and they say that they don’t know if it works or not. So, then I ask them what marketing options they use. Most will give me a blank look and…

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Social Media Explained

Social Media Tags

It’s well documented, mostly by my family, friends and colleagues, that I spend way too much time digging into the internet for business knowledge, research and great articles. If I come across a great one, and share it in my writing, I always try my best to acknowledge the author or it’s point of origin.…

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Marketing 101: Give ‘Em What They Want

Marketing 101

I saw a great cartoon the other day. Two guys were standing in front of a street vendor. The vendors cart had a sign on it that said, “STUFF YOUR WIFE WON’T LET YOU EAT”. One guy looked at the other and said, “I have no idea what it is, but I’ve GOT to have…

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