I love to eat lobster. I like to have a bucket of butter, some lemon wedges, some corn and potatoes, and of course, a shower curtain to wrap myself in to catch all of the flying juice and shell. I recently learned that the humble lobster isn’t the smartest thing in the sea or the…

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The Secret To All Success

Hard Working Businessman

I never had that “Mommy and Daddy” money. I had that “If I don’t work my ass off,” I won’t have any money. And, that is my secret to all success. I’ve been very blessed in my life. I’ve experienced a reasonably high level of success in almost everything I’ve set my mind to do.…

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Digging For Gold

I keep everything. While cleaning out an old file cabinet a while back, I found notes I had taken at a mastermind session I attended over ten years ago. I found in those notes pure gold, but gold that I had forgotten that I had. What I found was a very tricky and fantastic concept.…

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