Award winning, international business and executive coach.

Danny Creed's unique and personal one-on-one approach helps clients to achieve their personal and business goals faster than they could ever do on their own. His practical street wise approach offers to his clients four benefits rarely found in a Coach of any kind:
He gives his clients HOPE!

His experience and real world knowledge and training translates to real world solutions to most any challenge or need a client might have.


He loves what he does. He believes in what he does! And he really is passionate about a clients success.


You can count on Coach Dan. If he says he will do something he will do it and expects the same from his clients!

He is the TRUSTED ADVISOR that you’ve been looking for.

Just like a trusted physician, surgeon, lawyer or other professional, Coach Dan will be a confidential and trusted advisor on all things professionally and personally.

Real-World Business Coaching eliminates business stagnation, chaos and conflict, replaced by a plan to “manage with intent, coordination and goal/purpose” driven results.

The Coaching Process

When you work with Master Coach Dan, don’t expect lots of theory. This is a program based on acquiring clarity and focus and then attacking the goal. The program is simple:

  1. Understand each client’s vision for their business and their personal lives, from their point of view,
  2. Then create an exclusive and personalized success plan,
  3. Execute the plan and complete their vision.

Master Coach Dan is an expert in moving clients from their current level of accomplishment to a new level of success. He knows what it takes to develop and maintain a mentality of WINNING versus Surviving. He is a leading expert in the disciplines of:

  • Developing and growing killer sales structure and teams
  • Practical Sales training for the advanced sales person or the “Non-Selling” Professional
  • Marketing
  • Communication skills
  • Time and priority management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Business start-ups and leadership
  • Success thinking
  • Clarity & high level Goal setting
  • …and more

A Customized Approach

Many coaches offer only theory or a set, boxed program. Master Coach Dan Creeds program is customized for every client and is based on both his extensive library of business and personal development tools along with the knowledge acquired from the mistakes and wins he’s lived through in over 40 years of street fighting business experience; 14 start-up businesses and 400 turnaround businesses. No theory just real world knowledge put to work in his coaching practice.

The program isn’t right for everyone, but for those few that truly want something better out of life and business, and are willing to work for it, Real-World Business Coaching with Master Coach Dan is a world class choice.


“Danny Creed helped us to identify and focus on some critical elements to move our practice forward. He has a great deal of enthusiasm and will engage you in the process of implementing change. This will result in new processes in the way you do things, to help everyone become more accountable and productive.”

“Dan is a remarkable coach. His knowledge of sales and his hands on experience as a business owner gives him the upper edge. He is second to none in the business coaching! He has been able to help us build and guide us into a first rate company. Thanks for all your support and input!!”

"Coach Dan is one of the most passionate and caring individuals that I have ever dealt with as a professional. He is dedicated to his "athletes" and goes above and beyond to try and help them achieve their goals. He celebrates as much if not more the success of those he coaches than they do themselves. He is one of the top five greatest positive influences in my life."

"Coach Dan has provided an invaluable service to my company with his business savvy and direct approach to marketing that really get results. Dan has a way of distilling seemingly complex problems into simple solutions that work. He has developed a marketing plan that has increased our company's bottom line substantially. Great job Dan!"

"Hiring Coach Dan was a decision that I wish I made a lot sooner. He was able to identify areas hidden potential and exploit them from the first meeting. Coach Dan and Focal Point Business Coaching put together a very effective strategy to help business owners and entrepreneurs achieve the goals much faster than they could on their own. If you are looking to take your business to new heights, Coach Dan will take you there."