The Power of Customer Service Training

As a Certified Master Business Coach with over 40 years of experience helping companies succeed, I know customer service can make or break a business. How you treat customers defines your reputation and impacts the bottom line— indicating the importance of proper customer service and satisfaction training.

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The Transformative Impact

In my work coaching executives and training sales teams across the world, I've seen firsthand how transformational good customer service can be. It boosts how often customers come back, recommends the business to others, and the volume of money they spend. Yet many companies fail to prioritize it. Employees are left to figure it out independently, leading to inconsistent and sometimes poor customer experiences that can be solved with my expertise.

Customized Training Programs

As an expert master coach, I provide customized customer satisfaction training programs with real-world experience spanning startups to global enterprises. Whether you're looking to instill a culture of service excellence or address specific pain points with your team, I tailor the training to your unique needs. I hone in on mindset and skill development, coupled with hands-on experience, to embed top-notch service habits deeply.

For example, a national retailer I worked with struggled with rude associates who didn't fully grasp the value of each customer interaction. Their poor attitudes were driving complaints and losses. Crafting engaging workshops was my mission—focusing on growing empathy muscles, mastering conversation skills, taming tricky clients, and bouncing back from service hiccups. Within months of rolling out the training, customer satisfaction metrics improved dramatically.

Key Training Topics

The key topics my customer service training programs typically cover include:

  • Customer-centric mindset
  • Communication skills
  • Handling problems
  • Personalizing service
  • Ongoing development

I customize activities like role-playing real-life scenarios, reviewing poor/exceptional service examples, and practicing phrases to diffuse tense situations. Participants build confidence and significantly improve their interactions with customers of all types.

Expertise Driving Results

As a Certified Master Coach and 7-time Brian Tracy Award for Sales Excellence winner, I bring an engaging, insightful perspective. My hands-on business savvy, mixed with a sharp coaching approach, means my customer service training truly delivers.

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What results can I expect?

People will get better at talking things out, figuring stuff out on the fly, and making unhappy customers happy again. Metrics like customer satisfaction scores, repeat business, and referrals also typically increase.


Is the training suitable for all employee levels?

I personalize the content and activities based on the participants - from frontline staff to managers.


What if only a few employees need improvement?

It's not all about group work—when someone on the team hits a snag that affects client opinions; I step in with tailored advice to smooth things out.

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