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Effective Time Management: What Multi-Award Winning Business Coaches Know

As a Certified Master Business Coach, Certified Executive Coach, globally recognized as one of the 10 Most Inspiring Transformational Coaches, and 7x winner of the Brian Tracy Award for Sales Excellence, I often get asked - how do you do it all while maintaining work/life balance?

The truth is, no one ever feels like they have enough time in the day. However, over years of refining my personal and professional growth strategies for myself and top executives, I've learned effective time management comes down to mindset, priorities, and systems. Implement just a few small changes, and you'll be amazed by the significant impact on your productivity and sense of control.

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Mindset Matters

"Time management" is actually a bit of a misnomer - we can't manage time itself, only how we choose to use it. This is why the first step is to clear your mindset. Do you regularly feel overwhelmed and harried, constantly fighting against the clock? Or can you keep a calm, intentional perspective on your daily hours?

Without the latter mindset, attempts at "hacks" or optimization techniques will be built on a shaky foundation. As a Certified Master Coach with a Ph.D. in Getting Stuff Done, I work closely with my clients to cultivate mindfulness, self-awareness, and strategic prioritization skills. This establishes the mental framework needed to truly make the most of your precious time.

Define Your Top Priorities

Once your outlook is primed for productivity, you need crystal clarity on priorities. As the old maxim goes, you can do anything but not everything. Most people trip up by trying to tackle an unrealistic, overloaded to-do list each day in a reactive, unfocused manner.

Instead, implement the 80/20 rule - 80% of your results come from just 20% of your effort and activities. So identify that vital 20% on a daily and weekly basis. I coach all my clients through exercises like this, ensuring they are clear on their 2-3 most important business objectives and personal goals at any time. This brings calm and focus to even the busiest leaders' schedules.

Create Systems & Habits

Now that your biggest priorities are set, the next step is building the structures to support them. For example, your top business goal is landing five new major clients in the next quarter. The system I would coach you to implement might include:

  • Morning routine: Spend the first 60-90 minutes daily conducting outreach calls to ideal prospects. Identify 50 top companies you want to work with.
  • Tracking system: Use a CRM tool to monitor your communications with prospective clients—set standards and reminders for your follow-up cadence timeline.
  • Delegation: Consider hiring a virtual assistant for 20 hours a week to help compile lead lists, research target buyers, and finalize contracts.
  • Habits: Block off chunks of time dedicated solely to revenue-focused activities. Turn off notifications during these hours and avoid context switching.

These structures, habits, tools, and support personnel create the scaffolding for results. They ensure your highest goals receive the consistent time and attention to drive breakthroughs, not just your frantic few spare minutes at the end of the day.

Through my personalized coaching programs for top executives and business owners in nearly any industry, I instill proven frameworks to maximize productivity and peace of mind, developed from my experience founding 14 startups and turning around over 400 companies.

If you feel you, too, could benefit from my strategic guidance on time management or navigating any of today’s pressing leadership concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Certified Master Coach Danny Creed here. I look forward to hearing from you!

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