Crisis Thinking

Everyone on the planet is and will continue to be thinking about our current Coronavirus crisis for months and years to come. The questions will be centered around “how do we deal with it?” Then, “How did we deal with it?” and inevitably, “how will we handle then next time this happens?”

I’m concerned about the personal health of my family, friends and clients. I am equally concerned about the health of my client’s businesses. I believe that an equally devastating toll resulting from these challenging times might be from the businesses that die as they can’t cope with the necessary shifts and changes that must be made in order to adapt to the drastically changing consumer habits.

I have believed that a change has come in how we view our world for years now and my view is coming to pass as we speak, “There is NO reality in the world today. Only the perception of reality!” You must ask yourself if your reaction so far to the Coronavirus crisis is reality or the perception of reality. A simple case in point has been our worldwide focus on hoarding toilet paper. In addition, we now hear that gun stores have sold out of guns and ammunition. Are these facts based on fact or a perception of fact?

The first big step in protecting yourself is to clearly understand what your business and personal mindset is. How you think and how you manage your perceptions will dictate exactly how you come through these times. Are you of a SURVIVAL mentality? Are the words you find yourself stuck with 24/7, “What are we going to do?”. Or are you of a THRIVING/SOLUTIONS mindset. Do you think, “What are my options?” or “What are my opportunities?”.

I once had the unique opportunity to meet and talk with a man that had won a Nobel Prize based upon his research on the study of financial cycles. He had studied cycles of finance covering over hundreds of years of recorded history. I asked him what his conclusions were about the United States economy. In a very scholarly voice he simply said, “Currently our economy is severely down. And, in time, it will thrive again. Then, in a few years it will go down again.” You get the picture. He smiled to me and just said that it will always go down and it will always go back up. This will be true to the Coronavirus. It is here and eventually it won’t be. So, the question really is for you, is when it is gone, how will you have allowed it to affect you personally or professionally?

Instead of griping and complaining and making decisions based on fear, you could be adapting and learning and improving. If you have never worked from home, get over it and learn how to manage yourself and make it happen. Learn new technology. Learn new disciplines. Adapt and thrive with a mentality that gets you through the tough times and gives you new tools and skills when it’s over. And, it will be over.

There’s a big difference in how you live from this point forward. Your mindset right now, at this very moment will dictate and define your future success or failure. So, what’s it going to be? You can’t change the media reaction or your neighbor’s reaction to all that’s happening. The one thing you can control is your mindset moving forward. That decision is totally and completely up to you.

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