The Critical Factor in Achievement


Those of you who have followed me for awhile know that I believe that the truth in personal and business success always, always, always is based on how well you have mastered the foundational element of success. I don’t believe that success lies in implementing “silver bullet” solutions, but it is consistently based on the simplicity of the basics.

So with this focus in mind let me offer what I believe to be the core of this process. The single biggest factor in achievement is in understanding the difference in DECIDING to do something and actually DOING something!

Deciding vs. Doing is so simple of a proposition that it’s almost ridiculous but it IS the one critical decision that separates the successful from the unsuccessful. It’s easy to decide to do something, but it can be a very stressful and challenging process to take that decision to action, that is to actually have the confidence; power; trust and personal power and belief it takes to actually do the task or make the decision.

Research was conducted to find the one link or dominating trait among all successful entrepreneurs. To everyone’s surprise there was one and only one common thread. After all reports were compiled the researchers found that there was NO LINK to age; income; education; ethnicity; experience or background. The one commonality that linked these entrepreneurs was a pure and powerful desire to simply “step out in faith!” This meant that at some point they just decided that they had done all the planning; research; fund raising; debating and worry that could be done for now and it was now time, ready or not, to step out in total faith in their commitment to the challenge and just get it started.

The fact is that not much ever gets done unless you go ahead and dive in BEFORE you are ready! Life is all about making little changes and adjustments to what you do and how you do it based upon what you are learning. But, you cannot make the changes and adjustments or for that matter learn anything if you have yet to launch. How many great ideas and plans were decided upon and never acted upon.  For that matter how many decisions have you made that were of very low risk that you never actually implemented? Probably, too many to count , because you probably never really ever thought of them again after you made the decision to do them. But now ramp it up a bit and consider the decisions that you’ve made on issues that had a bigger and more important consequence and because of fear; anxiety; laziness or forgetfulness never implemented. If you’re honest with yourself you’ll have to agree that some of these decisions could have potentially changed the course of your life and career if only you had acted upon them.

Simply put, the only difference between you and a friend, acquaintance or colleague that you admire for their success, may be that they simply mastered the art of DOING, versus the lesser art of DECIDING!

Life is full of risks. Some will work and some won’t but either way you cannot go through life afraid to give it a try, to step out in faith and just enjoy the thrill of seeing what might happen. Of course you must do your diligence and some research and put some time and thought into evaluating the risk but there will come a time when you just have to look to the horizon, smile to yourself and jump.

Believe me the rewards will be worth the failed attempts.

IF you’re working on a plan and might be ready to jump and need a little help, call me. That’s what I do and I guarantee you that I can help. Call or write me today, I’m open for business.


Coach Dan

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