Digging For Gold

I keep everything. While cleaning out an old file cabinet a while back, I found notes I had taken at a mastermind session I attended over ten years ago. I found in those notes pure gold, but gold that I had forgotten that I had.

What I found was a very tricky and fantastic concept. The concept is called Exponential Doubling. It works like this. If you take $2 and double it 10x, it amounts to $2048.00. But get this. Take that same $2 doubled 30x times, and you have $1billion.  Crazy, right?

I’ve written about this before but let’s look at it a little differently this time. Let’s now apply that concept of exponential doubling to personal and professional growth and development. And, maybe, just maybe, success could be this simple. What if you did something to improve yourself every day, and what if our daily goal was only 1/10th of 1%. That’s it. Just improve your knowledge or skills by a simple one-tenth of one percent. With the concept of exponential doubling, that would mean that in one year, your skills and expertise would grow by nearly 36%. But if you compound that by five years, your skills and knowledge growth become over 1000 percent.

Holy cow! 1000% advance in skills and expertise, just by focusing on a 1/10th of 1% daily growth. So, do you think you could do that? Maybe I should ask, are you disciplined enough to do that? It doesn’t sound like much to ask. Doing an activity or taking action to move your abilities forward every day takes some assertive discipline and focus.

If you think about it, and you will have to think about it, your daily self-improvement actions might take on several different looks. I’ve heard of clients just reading an extra chapter in a book; walking another block; reading your goals two times instead of once per day; making one more sales call; making one more phone call; writing one more key email or listening to an informative podcast on the way home.

The trick is you must do something every day. 1/10th of 1% isn’t much, but you must plan it and commit to making this concept work. But think about what the results could be for you. The potential effects could be kind of scary if believing in yourself is a foreign concept. But the real question is, what if this concept works like I know it does? Can you walk away from an idea so simple that it could change your life in a short period of time?

This entire idea offers a gold mine of possibility. You really should commit to the truth of exponential doubling and begin to find your 1/10th of 1% a day. That’s not much to ask.

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