End-of-Year Planning: Preparing for Success

I’m a simple guy. Ok, before all the jokes start, allow me to clarify. After all the years I’ve spent traveling around the sun as a forever learner, entrepreneur, trainer, teacher, and Master Business Coach, I am convinced that we make success in life and business entirely too hard.

It’s just not that hard, yet the world screams that we will never be successful until we have that diploma or the latest, most fantastic app. And that is just hogwash. The great successes of history have been men and women who all did one thing very well. They mastered the basics of success and did them every day with discipline. Discipline, for me, was always best defined by Elbert Hubbard, who explained, “Discipline is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it, whether you want to do it or not.”

I’ve been very blessed with success in my personal and professional life. Mastering the foundational principles has always been the secret. Yet, people consistently tell me that I can do what I do, but others cannot. Again, what a load of bologna. What I do is no different from what other driven men and women do. It’s all about mastering the basics and then consistently living them. I’ve been asked thousands of times over the years what my “basic disciplines” were. And I’ve never wavered with my answers. I do these things every day, whether I want to or not; whether I feel like it or not, I do them. These have been the difference-makers. I’ve never been the smartest guy in the room, but I wasn’t afraid to learn from those more intelligent than me. I never had the diploma, but I learned and listened, read and failed, and then got back up and learned from the experience. After that, I stepped out in faith and outworked my opponent.

I worked harder. I trained harder. I never gave up.

Here are a few of my unwavering daily disciplines:

  1. I work really, really, really, really, really, really hard. (You have to say really, six times)
  2. I do a daily planner for the following day, every night before bed, without fail, six days a week.
  3. I have written goals I read every day
  4. I always have a five-year vision
  5. I dream without restrictions or constraints, and I dream big.
  6. I maintain a POSSIBILITY mindset rather than a Survival Mindset
  7. I surround myself with people smarter than me
  8. I practice Continuous and Never Ending Education
  9. I read 40 books a year
  10. I read professional newsletters every day
  11. I work my Champions Network every day without fail
  12. If I fail, I remind myself that it’s only failure if I didn’t learn something from experience, and then
  13. I take the new knowledge, get up, brush myself off, and go after it again.
  14. I’m not afraid to say thank you
  15. I always show my appreciation
  16. I never hold grudges; I let Karma take over and settle the score
  17. I steadfastly believe in myself and never allow anyone to sway me.
  18. I give back and pay forward
  19. I love my family
  20. I believe in a higher power

Everyone has a different definition of success. So, start by clearly defining what success means to you. Then get off your butt and go for it.

Success just doesn’t show up at your doorstep. It is earned, and when it’s all over and you look back on your life, you can smile and say, I did that!

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