I was recently asked by a local business network organization to sit on a panel for a discussion about small business growth issues. On the panel were a couple of small business owners, an entrepreneur; a sole proprietor business owner; a large business owner and I filled the position of the resident business coach and business growth advisor.

The discussion turned to the topic of the importance of titles in a business. I’ve never cared much for titles but I do understand their significance as a business strategy. However I have a new attitude toward titles and I explained it to my audience. You see I just finished a great book. It’s called, The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. Mr. Gordon has written a number of bestselling books on the subject of personal energy and the effect that enhanced energy can reduce your stress, transform your life and your business.

So how do the lessons from this book tie to this story? I once had a mentor that taught me what I believe is one of the most valuable and important lessons about owning a business and being a manager that I have and for that matter probably ever will learn. As I’ve found in life, the most profound lessons are usually the simplest and sometimes most obvious. My advisor long ago said, “Remember my friend that SOMEONE is always watching…and never forget it!”

As the owner or lead representative of your business, no matter where it’s at or what size it is, someone IS always watching. A partner is always watching; a board member; your banker; your attorney; your vendors or suppliers; Chamber of Commerce members; the press; your customers; and most importantly your employees ARE always watching. As your attitude and demeanor goes so goes your employees AND your business! If you’re a jerk or a positive light house, guess what? That’s right dear readers, someone IS always watching!

So back to titles! I believe that every business should have a CEO! That’s right, a CEO, but not the CEO of traditional definition. Back on The Energy Bus, Jon Gordon defines a CEO as the Chief Energy Officer. As the CEO or Chief Energy Officer of your business you become the driving force of your business. The one person that believes that you WILL be successful, that nothing can stand in your way. Not competition; not a bad economy; not bad attitudes, nothing can or is standing in our way of moving forward with a positive and winning attitude, every hour, every day, every week of every month. Then instead of just surviving your business will be transformed and it will thrive! The Chief Energy Officer is a title that I can support and understand and actually believe is necessary. At some point the title can be and should be transferred to a manager or even a group of employees, but in todays market and business world this new age CEO is a necessity. Its’ all about creating a positive perceived value, that begins with you the business owner. It is a value that will be seen by employees and anyone else that is or will be important to the growth of your business. So remember that a simple truth will always remain….. Someone IS ALWAYS watching!

If you need help building on this or other concepts, call me or write,  I can help! And as always…



Coach Dan

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