Fear Can Make You Stupid

To be clear, I’ve said this before but not as succinctly. You must control your fear, or your fear will make you stupid. Is that clear enough? Fear makes you stupid.

Our lives can be changed entirely based on the amount of fear we allow ourselves to absorb. It will affect our relationships and our personal and professional lives. Fear will cause businesses to fail. Friends, relatives, and associates can see it and smell it and feel it oozing from you if you have it.

There is so much going on today that might make a person fearful. So, you must be very selective as to what you allow yourself to fear. You have more control over your fears than you might believe. Most of the things that we fear we have a modicum of control over unless you let the anxiety overwhelm you. So, allow me a moment to get this out of the way. Let’s talk about the second biggest fear factor today, COVID-19. It is a scientific fact that wearing a mask will protect you and others. So, you can reduce your fear and the fear of others by shutting up and putting on the damn mask. This decision has nothing to do with your human rights or political beliefs, ok. It’s about being smart and taking care of yourself and those around you. But if you decide to protest the mask, here is all I ask. I want you to sign an affidavit that says that you chose to go maskless, and if you do contract Covid or if you infected others, you agree to forfeit your right to a hospital bed. Fair enough?

If you fear getting COVID-19, don’t go maskless to a big party or celebration. I’m getting sick of hearing about people who go to a party without taking proper precautions, and then a week later, we find everyone at the party contracted Covid, and one-third of them have died. It’s tragic, and it’s happened. This decision’s daisy chain results in overloaded hospitals, people missing work, business shutting down, and yes, people dying. You cannot allow yourself to be overwhelmed with fear and yet do nothing to ease the anxiety when you have numerous and easy choices that will make a difference. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Fear, uncontrolled will make you stupid.

The first most significant fear factor that we have control over is your media consumption.  People seem to see and hear what they want to see and hear. You can read or hear about protests and lawsuits and riots right next to stories about how many people contracted and died of Covid. There is no shortage of stories about everything bad happening in our world. We’ll hear about death and destruction, protests, fraud, and even more on brutality, hate crimes, name-calling, and more. It’s not that we don’t need to know some of this, but we’re at the point where it’s all we hear and read. One of the lessons that I consistently teach my business coaching clients is from one of the most important personal and professional development books ever written. THINK AND GROW RICH was written by Napoleon Hill in 1928, and the premise of the book is as fresh today as it was back then.  The timeless point it makes is “what we think about most of the time, we become.” In other words, if we absorb daily all of the negativity in the world, we will become fearful of our world, our surroundings, and our life. Don’t be stupid. You can control this fear. You can turn off the television news channel; you can manage your social media consumption, and if necessary, you can change your friends.

Fear is a disease as dangerous as Covid-19. Do not let it affect your lives negatively. A healthy dose of fear is good when it harkens smart thinking and informed choices. You have control. If fear controls you, at best, you will struggle to survive. If you manage your fear, you have a reasonably good chance not only to survive but to thrive and look at the world with new eyes.

You’ll have eyes of possibility and opportunity.

Allowing fear and negativity to control and dictate our life is a deadly combination. Managing fear and negativity is the secret to living a great life and building a strong business, or not, in our world today.

Don’t be stupid. Control your fear.

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