The FOUR Primary Elements of Selling Anything!


If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know that I’m a staunch believer in mastering the foundational skills of your profession before you try any fancy stuff. In particular this is true in the profession of selling. The industry on the whole, just tries to make it much harder than it really is. If you stagger through all of the books and webinars and seminars on sales, many if not most are based on teaching or telling you about a new “Silver Bullet” sales technique or strategy. However, I believe that before you can fire that amazing “Silver Bullet” you must have a gun that works. The gun, of course being the foundational skills required to be able to implement the new strategy.

There are a number of foundational skills necessary in selling. Some include prospecting skills; basic communication skills; persuasion , negotiation and presentation skills; writing skills ; marketing skills  plus a strong work ethic to name a few.

So, let’s keep it simple and break down the foundation four primary elements to selling anything;

  1. Find a prospect with a problem or need that you know you can solve! Look, contrary to many so called networking experts, you don’t need to go to massive events and collect thousands and thousands of business card leads to find someone to sell your product or service to, you just need a few, very specific leads with people that have an immediate need that you are a specialist in solving or helping people with. Don’t spend your time trying to convince someone why they need you. Find someone who is actively looking for someone like you to help them with their need.
  2. Make sure the prospect really wants to solve their problem and it is very high on their priorities list! You can’t force a prospect to hire you to help them solve a need or problem that they don’t think is a big deal. Again, rather than make that decision for them, get your prospect to tell you about what their needs are. If you just shut up and listen any prospect will tell you how to sell them…I guarantee that!
  3. Now, Show them how you can help solve this need with them better than anyone else! What can you do that is unique; special and collaborative compared to any other option? What is it that you offer that sets you apart? What do you do and say that will give your prospect the HOPE that you can help them improve their business and their life?
  4. Work with them to solve the issue or need! Dig in and work hard with your new client. Work with passion and an apparent desire to honestly help them. Work as a team and continue to give them hope. With this you now become a trusted advisor and that translates to a long term relationship because you have now become a very valuable resource.

The fact is if you master these four foundation elements of selling, everything else is simply a waste of time for both the prospect and you!

If you need some help with selling yourself, your goods or services, give me a call. That’s what I do and I’m open for business.

As always, Be GREAT!

Coach Dan



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