Sometimes in order to be better at what we do we just need to have a reminder. In the rare moments when we have sat still and quiet and are trying to figure things out, we just need that little tap on the shoulder, that slight thump on the forehead to say, “Hey, remember this and things will be easier!”  I try to remind my clients in my business coaching practice that success in business; leadership and management doesn’t always come from an MBA or a book. Most of the time the best solutions come from others who have been there done that. A friend of mine used to call that OPE (Other Peoples Experiences). That’s the key.

So friends here you go. 14 reminders on ways to be a better manager!

  1. UNDERSTAND YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. Know your part in the company and how to do your job so well that goals, objectives and client demands aren’t just met, they’re exceeded. Before you can expect your employees to give you 100%…demonstrate that you will give 110%
  2. BE A GREAT LISTENER: A great manager knows how to listen to his employees as well as superiors. Take the time to listen. Show them that their opinion and input are valuable to you and the company
  3. PRACTICE AND TEACH TIME MANAGEMENT: Know how much time needs to be allotted to reaching goals and objectives. Be realistic when making promises. Remember the 80/10 rule. 80% or your results will come from 10% of the activities…
  4. COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE….As head of the team, it’s your job to know how everyone on the team is doing. Make sure the team knows they can come to you with questions or concerns. If they feel comfortable coming to you, then you’ll form a solid working relationship based on trust.
  5. SHOW APPRECIATION: Don’t just talk to them when problems arise. Hand out praise and encouragement, do it. Showing appreciation will only motivate them to exceed their current level of performance.
  6. BE CONSISTANT AND FAIR: When problems and conflicts arise, treat every situation consistently with everyone. Don’t show favoritism, and resolve conflicts the same way every time regardless of who is involved.
  7. LOOK LIKE A MANAGER. Wear appropriate wardrobe, be clean and orderly. Set the standard for all reporting to you.
  9. SHARE INFORMATION. Be sure your people KNOW how their work fits into the big picture….company goals and the progress of the organization.
  10. AVOID MICROMANAGING. Too much direction, too many reporting requirements, too many meetings stifle creativity, ruins time management and wastes time that the employee could use productively
  11. ENCOURAGE YOUR PEOPLE TO GROW AND EXPAND THEIR CAPABILITIES. Don’t be afraid to nurture your own replacement.
  12. MAKE YOUR EXPECTATIONS CLEAR: Never be VAGUE! Be sure that your people understand that they are responsible for their tasks that you assign them.
  14. FIND OUT WHAT YOUR PEOPLE LIKE TO DO MOST, then focus them on tasks that fit their skills.

Another important suggestion and skill for that matter is the practice of MBWA. But we’ll talk about that one in our conversation next week. Until then, take some time to think about the little simple things you can do to be a better manager. I guarantee that it will turn into profits for your entire organization. And of course if you need some assistance, that’s what I do and I’m good at what I do. I’m open for business. Let’s talk.

Be Great!

Coach Dan


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