How To Get From Good To Best

My forehead has a bruise on it. The bruise is there from me thumping myself the other night. I had a revelation that I should have had long ago. So, when I realized the importance of this new clarity, my immediate reaction was to smack myself in the forehead. Thump, that left a mark.

The revelation was so obvious. I always try to analyze and understand ways to improve my personal and professional growth. Then with this knowledge, I apply it and verify it and then even pass it on to my business coaching clients. I’m always looking for the basic and simple things that we miss. Some things that are powerful and time proven that we sometimes bypass because they seem too easy and simple. It is my experience that it’s these things that usually have the greatest impact on improvement. Basically, we cannot do the fancy or faddish until we have the basic ingredients of success mastered. Build your foundation then build the house rather than in reverse.

My realization was that we can be good at what we do and do it totally on our own! But we will never be the absolute best at the things we do without a team working with us. It’s all about ego that sometimes borders on isolationism. Ego cloaked in stubbornness and fear. Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t need any help, I can do it on my own!” Or, “Don’t judge me how I got there, just that I got there!” If we’re honest, most of us have not only heard this but have said it ourselves. If you’re a driven, TYPE A personality you pride yourself on getting the job done and taking all the credit for the results. But the difference in you and the next level of success is that people in that category get bigger, better and more lasting results through leadership, delegation and a team of people with the same goal and focus.

The hard fact is that in order to play in the “BEST” arena you cannot do it all on your own. There is too much to be done and when you try to do it on your own, you’ll find yourself trying to get everything done including low consequence tasks that are nonsense for you to be doing. The time it takes for you to do these tasks takes time and focus away from achieving the high value, high consequence tasks that you should be focused on.

The key is to invite and welcome people to share your vision and goal. People who will buy into the results of achieving that goal with you and will share in the accolades. You are now the team/project leader instead of the sole doer. You’ll save time, effort and at the same time achieve greater results than ever before. Let’s be real! All the bosses, partners and clients care about is that the job is done quickly, efficiently, on-time and professional. So, be smart and use all the resources around you to get these results.

Being the best is a lot easier when you leave your ego at the door and build a team of like-minded achievers looking for a leader. Don’t be a success hermit. This approach gives you additional benefits such as an opportunity to mentor and teach others and to create and build a legacy of leadership that will last for generations. You’ll still get the accolades, you’ll still make the money and in the end, the result will be a more gratifying success by bringing others along for the ride.

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