I am not ashamed to say that I am the guy in the technology section of any store that is standing there with big eyes, jaw dropped, uttering strange giggling sounds and randomly stricken with wild outbursts of “No Way” and “WOW”.

I am continually astonished at the never ending display of new and evolving technology. My career has allowed me to many times be on the cutting edge of new technology and I still am star struck. Maybe it’s my age, maybe I’m still a kid inside…but not a kid of today. And, my friends they are changing everything. Here’s why.

According to many of the world class technologists that I am privileged to know, we are not even scratching the surface of what is possible. In fact many will say that everything that we now know and understand will be obsolete in less than two years.




With this consistent and aggressive growth of technology that affects all areas of our life and world, something very interesting is happening! A fundamental shift in how todays consumer thinks is changing everything. If you’re a businessperson and you don’t adjust to this shift it could be the end of your business.

In my Business: Survive and Thrive Workshops, the first rule that we discuss is “If you continue to do business the way you’ve always done business….you WILL be out of business!” The backbone of this rule is based upon the way in which todays prime consumers are thinking, which dictates how they buy. Where most anyone over 40 something remember a time not long ago doing business without cell phones and computers, today prime marketing age groups do not know a time without cell phones and computers. Look at the situation as a generational thing. I’m in my fifties and have been using computers for only about 20 years or so. My son is 34 and he has been using computers since he was about 11. His son is 9 and has been on line since he was 3. The possibilities of modern technology are all they know. My grandson and his father have come to crave and EXPECT companies to deliver goods and services in ways that they expect to receive them.

So here’s the business challenge: While I’m still in awe by emerging technology, this and future generations of consumers simply EXPECT technology and its advancement. They expect technology growth. So if you have a business and you are not available to your consumers in ways that they expect you to be….then they WILL go somewhere else to find a business that caters to their technology needs. And keep in mind when I say “technology” I mean things as simple as having a web site. And, I work with many businesses today who are struggling who don’t have a web site!

There simply are too many options for them to shop somewhere else for YOUR product or service. There is little to no loyalty. Their mantra is “How can I get the product, service or information that I want, when I want it, how I want it and at the price that I want it?”

Like it or not, that is what business today is all about…satisfying the customers need…truly now more than ever…..FROM THE CUSTOMERS POINT OF VIEW. If you are not making your business available to your prime consumers through old and emerging technology, you should find a good business broker. You have no choice. Your present and future customers simply expect it.

If you’re feeling a little lost, don’t worry. I’m here to help. Give me a call and let’s talk. I offer a FREE Business Performance Review if you call. And as always,



Coach Dan

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