If You Can’t Change the Person

One of the things that I consistently hear about from my business coaching clients is hiring and keeping good people. Unfortunately, another thing I hear about too much is how to deal with underperforming or problem employees.

Business owners sometimes can become afraid of losing people so much that they allow bad behavior or underperformance. I cringe when they say, “But Coach if they would allow me, I know that I can help them be better.” Some people will surely respond to more attention and training. And, you should give them the attention and training that will make them better. They will thrive when you support them and help them grow. They will prosper when you give them clear goals and share your vision.

But, if you’re a business owner or manager, you must develop a keen eye for those employees/team members that I call the Vampire Employee. They are the ones that will suck the life out of you and your business with bad attitudes, bad behavior, negative talk, and supported underperformance. They will strategize and manipulate you and your business and systematically probe into the depths of what they can get away with at work. As a result, they are lethal to your entire organization.

I  have a very straightforward solution for this issue. I learned it many years ago, and it has proved to be exceptionally successful. The one-sentence strategy is as follows:

If you can’t change the person, change the person.

It’s time to face the truth, friends. Some people want to change, while others could care less to change. Some of your employees want to build a career, while others want a paycheck. The faster you learn to identify the “possibility” people from the slugs, the sooner you and your company become more efficient and more profitable. You are wasting valuable time and money on people who want to play the system. Hear me loud and clear. There are good, no great, people out there just waiting for you to find them. You do not need to put up with people who don’t have a vision, goals, or personal drive. Everyone is replaceable, so make your life easier. If an employee doesn’t want to change, that’s ok. But, it would be best if you believed that there is someone in the wings that’s eager for your opportunity. And, they will always make your company instantly better and your life easier.

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