I’m Tired Of Hearing About It

Ok, enough already. I know that we’re going through challenging times. I know that we must live life differently for a while, maybe forever. I get it. But I don’t need to be bombarded with the details constantly. After a while, I genuinely believe all the talk about this threat to our health can make us sick.

I can prove it.

I have clients who read and watch everything there is to consume on the issues, and in every case, they have changed. They are more fearful. They are more cynical about the potential of life. They are increasingly convincing themselves that the challenges of being in business are so overwhelming that there is no reason to continue.

And yet, not only are some businesses and individuals surviving, they are thriving. At the onset of all of our Pandemic fears, I called every one of my clients. I acknowledged with each of them that there was something terrible happening. Something like we have never experienced before. But, in the same conversation, I told them that I would not allow this discussion to end until we came up with at least two opportunities that they might have during this time. Many moaned and groaned, but eventually, we did come up with possibilities that if they just changed their mindset, just a bit, they might have the chance to take advantage of new opportunities.

It was a matter of them changing their mindset from surviving to one of potential. As we discussed how to do business during Covid-19, it became very apparent that we could not talk about “band-aid” solutions. I would not allow them to even think about tactics and strategies to do in the hopes of just getting us through the pandemic. We discussed tactics and strategies instead that when implemented now, would make them more durable when we emerged out of the crisis. I questioned everyone about those things that they have ignored or rejected over the years that might be robust solutions for their business now. This new form of thinking forced us to look at everything from using new technology to changing how we did business. Many people rejected video communications but look now at the incredible opportunities that technologies like ZOOM video conferencing have provided. Many companies vowed never to allow their teams to work from home, but when forced to do it, they have experienced considerable improvements in their team’s productivity.

In May 2020, I’ve had many clients who had record months. We have had the same client success in June. These clients are still in business, but they’re doing business differently. They looked for opportunities while their competition closed the doors. They survived and thrived. Remember that while competitors are hiding, your customers still need the product or service that your industry provides, and you, in turn, should be the one figuring out how to get it to them. Whatever you have to do to be able to change how you think you need to do it now. Shut off the television. Walk away from your scrolling news, up- to- the- minute coverage. Heck, if you have to change friends, do it. Whatever it is, do not make yourself sick due to all the bad news that is permeating our lives. Be a beacon of light. Be a ray of positive hope and lead those around you to it. You can make a difference in the lives of those you touch.

The world has changed. Have you changed with it and taken advantage of the opportunities that change offers? Or are you stuck in the black hole of fear where the only future is one of mediocrity and failure? It’s your choice.

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