One of the 10 Most Inspiring Transformational Coaches, Globally – 2022

10 Most Inspiring Transformational Coaches – 2022 is a special edition featuring those who are exclusive, exceptional, and extraordinary. The Global Edition is a special honor procreated by CXO Outlook to celebrate the talented cohort of coaches, speakers, and authors who have been instrumental in boldly envisioning, realizing, and validating their aspirations to shape the future and transform the world.

Specializing in Coaching & Training For Business

  • Business Coaching & mentoring
  • Start-up business coaching
  • Business re-start coaching
  • Fast growth business coaching
  • Executive growth coaching
  • Sales Coaching & Training: Includes the highly acclaimed sales training course: Professional selling for the “Non-Selling” professional
  • Professional and Personal development training and workshops
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Corporate Coaching
  • Career Development
  • Personality assessments and more.
Real World Business Coach Dan Creed really understands his clients because he has the real world experience of a Business Owner!

He understands the issues that business owners and executives face. He’s been there and experienced all the good and the bad first hand. His experience comes from years “on the streets” and “in the trenches” with 14 successful startup businesses to his credit plus over 400 “turn-around” projects. Coach Dan is uniquely qualified to assist the executive; entrepreneur; or sole proprietor business owner. He’s been in his client’s shoes, so he truly understands their needs.

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Career Highlights

  • Seven-time winner of the Brian Tracy Award for Sales Excellence, FocalPoint Business Coaching & Training International Coach of the Year
  • FocalPoint International Practice of the Year
  • Successfully led sales organizations for market-leading NASDAQ technology companies.
  • Successfully sold to C-level executives in healthcare, telecom and US federal government verticals including the Department of Defense
  • Executive member of acquisition and negotiating teams of publicly traded companies
  • Created the first interactive information sales training course, widely considered the precursor to Google
  • Pioneered the first digital health information system creating the largest digital health information content library
  • Defined, developed, and directed international sales training in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and Latin America.

Experience That Speaks For Itself

  • Over 15,000 logged coaching and training hours
  • Over 13,000 recommendations, referred by business owners, executives and professionals at all levels of business.
  • Has been a part of 15 start-up businesses
  • Seven-time winner of the Brian Tracy Award for Sales Excellence representing the FocalPoint International Business Coach of the Year


“Danny is a high-energy, super knowledgeable, and highly successful entrepreneur and author. He absolutely loves helping others achieve success. He's also a phenomenal person to interview. He's a straight-shooter, so he won't waste your valuable time by sugar-coating a situation just to make you feel good. Rather, he will tell you what you need to hear to get RESULTS. Connect with someone who has truly walked the walk and who is a genuine and authentic person.” - Brian Kelly, Founder of Reach Your Peak LLC & Host of the MIND BODYBUSINESS Show

“Danny will push you further than you ever thought you could go. We have worked with Coach Dan for 2 years. When it comes to business - whether you are a start-up or just looking to rejuvenate - Danny is the coach you MUST have on your team. Danny is an expert in guiding you to find out who you are, what you want, and most importantly, how to get it! His knowledge and experience in the business world coupled with his down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach make him the most valuable asset to your team.” - Tyler Robinson, Leadership Coach and Consultant at ROCK Solid Coaching & Consulting

“What I appreciate most about coach Dan the past 2 years he's worked with me to develop my practice has been his innate ability to deliver content that is easily digestible and that can be applied immediately. His mastering of communicating to all personality types makes him very relatable and easy to work with. Most importantly, his simple, yet effective systems to productivity that he teaches has helped me create clarity and direction for my goals. He teaches principles that are not only applicable in business but also demonstrates how it can be applied to all areas of life that are important to us.” - Anthony Lopez, Voluntary Benefits Consultant

“Danny P. (Dan) Creed is a powerful asset to any company or executive. His ability to help you see and exploit business opportunities is unmatched. He has a unique ability to command the attention of his audiences and inspire people within businesses of all types to realize and exceed their goals. ”

“Quite simply, working with Dan has changed my life. With Dan's guidance and business systems, I doubled my book of business in less than six months, tripled my productivity, and became a better business coach for my clients. I have more clarity, momentum, and confidence than ever before. If you are serious about success and ready for change, I would recommend Business Coach Dan Creed without reservation.”

"Dan Creed is one of those special people you feel lucky to meet during a lifetime. He is warm, honest, caring and tough. I have seen him take businesses that were doing okay, to a level of success that they never dreamed possible. He is a business coach without equal."

"Quite simply, Dan Creed is the best business coach in the business. He's a hugely successful sales professional in his own right, he leads in the field in the world-leading Brian Tracy FocalPoint success methodology, and he has the creative fire of the musician turned businessman turned natural coach. That's a combination of skills and experience not to be taken lightly. And he delivers on all counts."

"In some ways I think we’re always very reluctant to change even though we want to. Coach Dan is very good at letting you talk, make suggestions, but not push too hard. It’s like he puts a hand on your shoulder and gently pushes you when he thinks the timing is right. He made us see that even though at the time we were just coming out of a few really bad years, that, that wasn’t the time to cry and say, ‘Nobody is doing well.’ He taught us if no one else is doing well it makes it the best time ever to jump in there and go after all the business."