People with negative attitudes wear me out! I just don’t get it! If you’re in business and you want to stay in business, there is simply no room for a negative outlook in today’s market. A business owner simply cannot afford it. I have seen a bad attitude as the single reason that someone lost their business. It permeates and set a tone to a business, good or bad; your customers WILL feel the vibe. Your attitude directly effects your staff, the atmosphere of your office/or business and your customers. And, your customers and prospects simply won’t stand for it! Why? They don’t have to! There are far too many alternative choices today for them, so they’ll just go somewhere else! They don’t have to put up with a bad attitude that they can avoid just by going somewhere else or as easily as simply accessing the internet.

In my business coaching practice I see it every day and it can be fatal for a business owner and their business. So, it’s time for some “mental triage”! As a business coach, I look for a few key symptoms of what is sometimes called “Stinkin’ Thinkin”.

The business person is;

  1. Always tired and worn out
  2. There is ALWAYS problems
  3. They blame everyone else for everything that’s wrong instead of taking personal responsibility.
  4. They blame the economy for all of their collective woes
  5. They are overtly emotional
  6. They are working from a business strategy of survival only. (This is a true statement! I work with a customer whose initial goal in life for their business was to, “Get up in the morning, go to work and do everything possible to break even!”

If you find yourself checking off these items here are a few solutions that I offer my business coaching customers;

  1. Force yourself to take some quiet time every day to just meditate and relax.
  2. Get your time under control and prioritize your tasks. Only do those things with the highest consequences,
  3. Start taking responsibility for mistakes, shortcomings, failures and yes, your successes as well.
  4. Set written goals! Understand what is really important and what you’re working for, Every successful business person today has very clear and written goals.
  5. Plan a strategy of THRIVING, versus just surviving. It’s a completely different mindset.
  6. Get new friends and associates. If everyone you hang with is always bitching and moaning then you will too. Surround yourself with positive input.
  7. Get some coaching! There is a reason why all top level professional athletes have a coach! So it just makes sense that businesses should as well.
  8. Plan you business and your life basing all strategies on WHAT IS versus WHAT IF. Don’t worry; don’t ruin your life because you’re in a panic about what might happen. Understand the situation and how it is exactly affecting you at this very moment and plan your strategies on that reality.

As Henry Ford said a long time ago, “If you think you can or you can’t….you’re right!” Think positive…life is more fun that way.

Be Great,

Coach Dan

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