No One Likes a Whiner

No one likes a whiner.

Please, if you don’t like something, don’t whine and blubber to everyone that will listen. Just shut up and do something about it.

I just don’t do well around whiners. Coping with them is nearly impossible. Whining is a form of weakness, insecurity, and low confidence. I’ll even take it a step further. I believe that whining and complaining are usually just a way for someone to get out of a tough spot. I have come to think that “serial” whiners, people who whine about everything, are addicted to the act of whining. That’s all they know how to do. As an entrepreneur, I would never hire a serial whiner for my business. Their mere presence can infect an entire team. If you want a team of hard chargers representing your business, never hire a whiner. The shift from WE CAN DO THAT to MAYBE we can do that is huge, and whiners can cause that dangerous shift.

Honestly, I would rather spend an entire day at a mortician’s conference than ten minutes with a full-on whiner. I’ve spoken and written much to my belief of the two mindsets that prevail today. Most of the world lives in a SURVIVAL mindset, while a minority lives with a POSSIBILITY mindset. A survival mindset is one of just getting by, slogging through life every day, thinking that the world is against us and holding us down. In turn, the possibility mindset is one of just that, possibilities. You believe that life is filled with opportunity and potential. You think that with every problem or challenge, there are massive positive possibilities. You see the good in people and life rather than the ugliness.

So, do a gut check and ask yourself, “Am I living with a SURVIVAL mentality or a POSSIBILITY mindset? Believe me, whether you are thriving or not, the possibility mindset is the fuel that drives long-term success. A possibility mindset understands that the glass is neither half-full nor half empty. It’s neither because we know that we have the power to refill it at any time. Believe in possibilities. Believe in what could be. Believe that you will always see a taller mountain to climb once we have summited the mountain we are on. You will learn that we can indeed will ourselves to unbelievable levels of success. And it all starts with learning to eliminate whining and complaining from our life. No one in now or in your future wants to hear it. It’s always best to be known as someone who tries rather than someone who complains.

Which do you choose?

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