No Secrets

More than ever, today, people seem to be searching for the long-lost secrets of thriving in life and business. Just take a moment and scan your favorite social media and it doesn’t take long to see at least ten different people, trying to sell you their system to everlasting success. And, it seems, many of us are willing to pay for it…over and over and again. Just out of curiosity, I watched a subscription product video from a lady trying to sell me here click funnel system. Her only pitch seemed to be, “Hey ya’all, buy this. You’ll get rich! I did.” She was very literate. She said “ya’all” about every three minutes.

I’m sorry to do this to you as what I’m about to say may come as a huge surprise…there are no quick fixes. There are no short cuts. None of the get rich quick mumbo jumbo will work if you don’t have the foundational elements in place.

There I said it. Save your money and work on the basics. Get them mastered and then the “fancy” stuff has a better chance of working. I believe there are about 13 foundational, fundamental elements of success, no matter how you define success. However, there are also seven RULES that apply to the foundational skills.

RULE 1: If you conduct business the way you’ve always done business, YOU WILL BE OUT OF BUSINESS! If I was to define the word entrepreneur in one word, that word would probably be, CHANGE! If you want to survive and thrive in todays marketplace you had better learn to be flexible and not just willing but ready to change. And, change at a moment notice. And, with a plan. Being flexible and being aware of the daily and hourly changes in technology, and more importantly how and why consumers buy anything today, is key. Don’t be a stubborn, unadaptable chucklehead. Adapt and adjust to the market and win.

RULE 2: Run your business like you did when you started it. Every day!  One of the richest men in the world taught me this one. He said when he goes to work every day, he works very hard to have his staff as well as himself in the same mindset as day one of his multibillion-dollar business. So, what was that mindset? Protect your money! Know when to say no! Know when a person, a strategy, or a tactic doesn’t work anymore. Stop it as soon as possible and move on to a different and better plan. Hire the right people and fire the right people!

RULE 3: Find your grind and be disciplined! Figure out early what it is that you must do, without fail, every day, repeatably, whether you want to or not. Then do it and make it a discipline. Look, there are just some things that you absolutely must do to build and grow your business, and you must do them even if it’s something that you don’t like doing. Every successful salesperson, entrepreneur or executive has a GRIND list that they steadfastly follow every day, and this is their differentiator. This is their secret of success.

RULE 4: Plan your strategies and tactics on WHAT IS versus WHAT IF! I see it everyday in my business coaching practice. A business person sabotages their potential by fear and worry of what might happen (“What if?”) if they take certain action.  Sales people tell me the reason they didn’t follow up with a prospect faster was because they thought that they may make the prospect mad. I might be abducted by little green, probing, aliens if I go out at night alone. It could happen, but I still go out at night, have fun and take my chances. DO NOT sabotage your success with the unknown. A Babson College study concluded that one of the primary traits of successful entrepreneurs was the willingness to at some point, just step out in faith! This is to say, “I’ve done enough research and planning, it’s time to launch and see what happens!”

RULE 5: You must be passionate about what you’re doing! Consumers today do not have to buy from you. I don’t care what you’re selling. They can sit at home in their underwear, drinking a beer and buy stuff all day without ever seeing you. But on-line buying can be very cold and impersonal. That’s why when people do give you a chance to sell them something, you had better be passionate about what you’re doing. I’m not talking about jumping around on chairs, but a buyer wants to see that you are a knowledgeable professional that cares about what they’re doing and loves what they’re doing. Nothing is worse than trying to buy something from someone who is just passing time.

RULE 6: You must be willing to work REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, hard! The most profound rule of them all. I’ve spoke with sales people and business people of all ilk’s, who are failing and when I probe a bit, I find that they complain about the economy, the President, local business conditions, the weather, how stupid consumers are, and on and on. Yet when I ask about their metrics, I find that they average two sales presentations a week, or less. The single time-honored rule of success is this: You don’t have to be the best educated or the smartest, because hard work and focus will win every time. Lucky people are known to be very hard workers first.

RULE 7: REPEAT RULE 6 it’s the great equalizer and never forget it!

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