No Talent Required

I have no tolerance for whiners! No tolerance at all. These are people who moan and groan about all the reasons that their life isn’t better. They blame everything and everyone; their age; their income; their education; their gender; their family background; lack of education; the government; the president; the weather; bullies; spouses. Enough already!

I must make a concerted effort not to act on the urge to jump off my house, so, I try hard to not allow the whiners to get to me, to spoil my passion for life and my belief in our collective potential. The fact is, whining does no good. It never solves anything. It’s just what it is; making an excuse for an individual’s lack of effort, confidence and laziness.

I’ve compiled a list that I offer to all whiners of the world. The list details just a few of the things that you can do, to improve your life, that requires ZERO talent.  Here are five items from my list that cost nothing and again, no talent is required.

  1. ATTITUDE: It is said that a full 85% of all success is based on attitude. You completely choose whether you are a sourpuss or happy. If you don’t think you have anything to be happy about, then just be happy that you woke up this morning. You choose whether you have a “survival” mindset or a “thrive” mindset. As Zig Ziegler would say, “it’s time to do a check up from the neck up!” Be clear with yourself what your attitude is and then either accept it and shut up or change it and allow into your life what it has to offer.
  2. BE ON TIME: Now, how hard is it to just be on time for meetings, appointments, family gatherings. You don’t have to be Einstein to just be on time!
  3. WORK ETHIC: Working hard requires no talent. The difference between those that succeed and those who are professional whiners is usually their ability to work. They work hard when they’re happy and they work hard when they’re not. They understand that whether they like the job or not, that they owe an honest day’s work to the person that gives them a paycheck. It’s that simple. A work ethic out paces talent, education, IQ, and any degree. Those things mean nothing if you’re not willing to put them to work. Again, hard work requires no talent!
  4. TRYING/EFFORT: Trying requires no talent. I recently heard a story about a man who was in trouble with the IRS because he hadn’t filed his taxes in years. When asked why he said that it wasn’t his fault. No one ever showed him how to fill out the paperwork. No, he was just lazy. Well maybe more than that. Maybe, stupid and lazy. A whiner deluxe. People like this will blame everyone except themselves, yet they’ve never even tried to figure it out, fully aware (maybe) of the consequences. Try, really try to make an effort of some kind to take some level of action.
  5. ENERGY: No talent is required to show some energy. The Beach Boys had it right when they sang about Good Vibrations. People do emit good and bad vibes. I must admit that people who drag around, whining about everything, looking for fault in everyone repulse me. I don’t even want to breath the same air. They need to be video taped and forced to watch it and tell us what they see. Unfortunately, many will see nothing unusual. But this kind of person can infect an entire workplace and managers and leaders must protect their teams from these people. It requires only an awareness and a change of mindset to at least ACT like you have more energy. That simple act will change the vibe that you project to everyone around you, from the workplace to home.

I’m sure you can add to the list, but the point is simple. In a professional or personal life, whining get’s you no further than you already are. The time is now to commit to a life of No more complaints; No more blame; No more whining.

You will be amazed at how your universe might immediately change. Take some responsibility, or, understand that you’re ok with your “whiner life”, accept it, and then shut up and don’t infect the rest of the world.

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