Now IS A Great Time To Panic

Here’s a question for you. Have you been adding new skills, continually learning and just getting better both personally and professionally? If your answer is no, then NOW is a great time to panic. With all that is going on in our world today, with all of the uncertainty, the one thing that is an absolute certainty is that the way we live and the way we work has changed. So, the question is, are you ready?

Many of you have been on a self-imposed moratorium on personal and professional improvement. Some of you are so far behind the technology curve that you believe that flip phones are still hip. It’s just not an option any more to learn new business skills, it is a necessity. Your first order of business should be to learn to work remotely. Working from home is not a short-term trend. All signs indicate that working remotely and managing teams and businesses remotely may be the new norm. You now will be required to figure this one out.

We must master or be willing to re-master all of the basic skills. It’s imperative that we re-acquire and hone our skills on things like time and priority management; managing interruptions; setting goals; communications and maintaining our focus in order to accomplish a single task. You must learn to work on your own. For some people they’ll just need to learn to work again. Time management gurus suggest that over 50% of all employee’s time is spent in a regular workday is spent doing non-critical, low consequence tasks. In other words, we’ve become a culture of screwing around with minimal accountability. Well my friends, this is about to come to a screeching halt. Working at home in itself will require a higher level of accountability and if you can’t hack it, you will be replaced.

So, yes NOW is a great time to panic if you’re not prepared or if you’ve grown lazy in the old 9 to 5. Whether you are an employee or you’re a manager, you’ll now be quickly exposed if you can’t simply work at home on your own. If you’ve slithered by in plain sight at the office, getting away with partial days of work, you’ll now ironically be exposed more than ever by being alone.

You won’t be able to hide anymore. Some will have to learn the hard way. Others will improve and grow and make more money and get the best promotions. Strange, isn’t it that sometimes we have to go through a major crisis and be forced to make changes in order to be motivated enough to improve.

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