Oh Yes You Can!

Ever heard of the 40% RULE? This nugget says that in most cases people hit a point of mental resistance at only 40% of their capacity. In other words, that’s when people quit. I’ve always said that success at almost anything is easy if you just persevere longer than everyone else. In theory you could use just 60% of your personal capacity or potential and still beat most everyone because they’ve already given up long ago. Does this, in turn mean that those in our midst that are considered genius’ might only be putting in more effort and focus and determination? Could be.

As you face the challenges of life you really must begin to ask yourself a different set of questions along the way. Questions like, “Am I beat, or am I just giving up?” “Am I hurt, or do I just hurt?” “Is my opponent that much better than me, or am I just not trying?” “Is everyone really that much smarter than me, or have I just quit learning?”

Facts are facts. I am not the smartest person on earth. Yet, I’ve always excelled at almost everything I’ve ever done. In some cases, the “smart guys” were working for me. And in most cases I was leading the herd rather than a part of the herd simply because I never gave up, I didn’t quit and truly just outworked everyone else. That is a hard thing for some people to accept. There is a real attitude of empowerment that has infected our current workforce. Many people think the world owes them something; a great job with a big income from the git-go! But, as we all know, the world doesn’t care. It doesn’t owe anyone a thing. You must earn all that you get.

Some people will say that knowledge is power, but I’ve always disagreed with that statement. I’ve said many times that knowledge is NOT power, but APPLICATION of the knowledge is power. Discipline and effort are real power. Hard work towards goals is power! I am often asked if I have a secret to my success. I think some who ask, believe that I carry around a bag of magic pixie dust, and when I spread it around people just buy whatever I’m selling. However, when I tell people that I just out-work and out-last everyone else, people look at me like I have a third eye in the middle of my forehead.

To be clear I am not discounting talent. Talent and skill play an important part of any success, but the world is overwhelmed with underutilized talent and skill. They mean absolutely nothing unless they are put to work.

In 1921 Thomas Edison said, “The reason most people do not recognize an opportunity when they meet it is because it usually goes around wearing overalls and looking like Hard Work.” The next time you’re ready to quit, or give up, or shut down early, remember the 40% Rule. Just look yourself in the mirror and say, “Oh YES I can!” I guarantee you that you have more energy in the tank, more capacity than you can currently imagine. Be different through extra effort, and that my friends will be your winning difference.

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