Just to be clear…I’m OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

I’m not quite so sure with many businesses and business owners today. There are a lot of mixed signals out there. When you go shopping (for anything) do you sometimes get the feeling that the businessperson that you’re dealing with doesn’t really want your business? Sometimes it feels like they’ve given up, they expect to be closed in a month; they’re struggling to break even; the government is out to get them. Sometimes it feels like they’re saying to me, “You don’t really want to do business with me today….do you?

So I want to make it absolutely, positively and completely clear: I believe that this is the greatest time in history to be in business! And I am, without a doubt, OPEN FOR BUSINESS! So allow me to share with you just what that means to me!

What I do isn’t right for everyone, but I at least want the chance to find out!

I want the chance to work with you and your business. I want to help you be successful based on how you define success, not by my pre-determined definition of success for you. In order to understand your definition of success I know that I’ll have to look you in the eye and listen to your needs and then collaborate with you to solve those needs. I know that listening to the prospect or customer is a lost art in American business, but I promise you that I’ll do it. It is the only way that I can truly know what you want and in turn know if I can efficiently and powerfully deliver it. If I can’t I’ll tell you so, if I can I expect to earn your business.

I want to earn your business and I know to do that I’m going to have to work hard. And I also understand that I’ll have to work even harder to keep your business because customer loyalty is not an easy thing to earn or keep in todays’ market. I know to keep your business that I’ll need to go that extra mile to simply meet your expectations. I must not only meet your expectations of being cared for, but I must exceed your expectations. In fact it goes beyond even that. I know that to earn your business and keep it for months and years to come I must work hard to amaze you with my level of customer care that translates to customer satisfaction. I feel required to not just meet or exceed your expectations, but I must truly amaze you.

I know that you have lots of choices today and with the ever expanding capabilities of technology the future is quite exciting. I also know that nothing replaces the honest hard work; experience; hope; passion; support; positive attitude and one-on-one accountability that I can deliver. I’ll put that up against technology any day!

So, what do you say! Let’s do some business!


As always, BE GREAT!

Coach Dan

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