“Please take me with you!” The Power of Employee Engagement

 Coach Dan discusses why employee engagement and workplace culture go hand in hand. He also suggests fundamental changes in your workplace that can enhance employee morale and contribute to your bottom line.


A few weeks ago, a friend of mine had a great opportunity and accepted a new job. There was the traditional farewell party in which some co-workers gave him going away cards. He shared with me one that was quite interesting. The card, from a now “former” colleague simply said : “Please take me with you!”

When we discuss employee engagement in a workplace, this is one of the worst testimonies that I can ever believe. I believe that everyone wants to  work in a culture where they will feel belonged, and unfortunately many workplaces are filled with employees with a hidden and powerful emotional agenda to get out as fast as they possibly can!

The workplace culture defines how we interact and commit to our jobs in a fast changing environment. According to Neil Patel in an article in the Quicksprout Newsletter, Patel confidently says he will reject any candidate who has all the work skills but lacks the fit to join his company’s work culture.

We all know the story of Zappos and why they pay prospective employees to try out their workplace culture before they commit to a full-time position.

So, how can we create a culture where we can keep employees happy and productive? It all begins with hiring people who are smarter and more talented than you. Hire people who are thirsty for new knowledge and who have a craving to improve your business and be part of a dynamic team. They may not be the highest paid executives in your line of work but will be eager to work collaboratively and with a positive spirit. Also, beware of the cheapest possible employees a recruiter could possibly get you.

Look for the ones who crave success, who have that innate hunger to do bold things and constantly improve. Seek out employees who are good at developing and sustaining efficient processes, says Patel. I also recommend finding and hiring the candidates who have clarity and know where they want to go because they will help you succeed. So, “hire hungry and keep them happy!”

Employers should look beyond hiring smart to create a work culture that enhances productivity. And, this can only come through employee retention and we all know the high costs of employee turnover.

In my opinion, high employee turnover occurs at institutions where upper management was not hired right the first time! If you had great leaders, your employees wouldn’t have left so fast!

However, businesses often make the common mistake of hiring senior leaders by looking at their previous stature, compensation history and growth trajectory. Remember, there is a fundamental mistake here! Most often, you will miss the “entrepreneurial” types your business often needs to succeed.

So, the next time an employee leaves your business, do an objective assessment of what happened. And, if there is something wrong with your work culture, remember that change has to start at the top.

Is your business facing workplace culture issues? Are people saying “please take me with you?” to every colleague that leaves? I can help. It’s what I do and I’m open for business. Call or write me today! I am always there to help you!


Coach Dan


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