Prime Time for Business

You may think I’m nuts, but I believe that right now, this very moment in time offers the most exciting opportunities in history to be in business. I know what you must be thinking, this guy has spent too much time in the sun. But hear me out.

Sometimes it takes a sledgehammer to the head, like the Covid-19 pandemic, to wake people up and realize the opportunities for change and innovation that now exist. Many have been there all along, but the world just wasn’t ready to see them. Most people still aren’t. But for those that do, the world is an exciting place right now. Rather than taking our time to understand and accept specific new technology and innovations, to decide if we want to try these things or not, today, we do not have a choice. Today we’re being forced, kicking, and screaming, complaining, and protesting to accept changes in how we live, interact, communicate, consume, and shop. Like it or not, we have few to no choices in the matter. We must learn to adapt to the situation and make the best of it. And you know what? Some of it isn’t so bad.

For instance, one pleasure that we’ve taken for granted for years, the joy of going to a movie theatre, with reclining chairs, may disappear altogether. At the same time, some are predicting that Drive-In movies will make a massive comeback. How cool would that be?

The use of video conferencing is another feature that will get bigger and better. The technology has been around for twenty years, but with the pandemic, something that was just an excellent option to have has not become a necessity. We will see innovation in online video applications explode. We already see it. It is changing how we conduct business entirely. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence offer opportunities to take traditional marketing, and exponentially expand its capabilities overnight. Real estate companies are already offering virtual tours of homes that you can buy without ever first stepping foot into it. The same is happening with shopping for and buying your next car. Everything that we currently understand about buying and selling, about marketing and business, is being elevated. The great thing is that because of demand and market forces; these things will also be affordable to do.

The fact is that if you’re in business, you won’t have a choice on whether you adopt or not. You now have no choice but to adapt or close your doors. Your consumers will not shop with you if you don’t. There will be too many other choices. So, get with it. Think big. Dream a bit and then act. Early adaptors will be the ones who will capture the audience. And the great thing is that consumers are searching for those aggressive business entrepreneurs who are out there, brashly taking the opportunity to its limits to help their world adapt to a new world!

Today IS the most significant time in history to be in business!

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