Pro-Action Time

If you haven’t figured it out yet, risk is tied to every element of life. If you’re afraid of risk, do yourself a favor and hide in a cave or something. But, there are even risks in a cave, I suppose. You can’t avoid it, but you should welcome it. Risk represents value. Risk represents opportunity. The higher the risk, the greater the reward. So, we should never be afraid of risk.

There is a way to circumvent most risks and get ahead of them, so you control them instead of the fear of the risks controlling you. I call it PRO-ACTION time. In other words, I am taking action proactively. Anticipating possible risks and laying a strategy to lessen them is a powerful skill. Successful people are known to take action versus waiting for something to happen. Living life worried about the “What Ifs” will get us nowhere—living your life concerned about “What If’s” is strictly a reactive response. You are reacting and causing stress in your life and career based on things that may never happen. What if my plan didn’t work? What if my idea sucks, and I realize it too late? What if’s are mind games that plague most of us, but having a mindset worrying about “What if’s” equals a survival mindset and gets us nowhere.

Instead, learn to be aware of the “What Is” of life and base your initiatives from there. “What Is” thinking is the things we can control and the things we can have input into their outcome. “What Is” thinking is a proactive personal and professional development approach.

The research will show that successful entrepreneurs have one primary trait in common. It has nothing to do with age, income, gender, ethnicity, family status, poverty, location, education, or social standing. Instead, the single trait that all successful idea achievers share is, at some point, they are all willing to simply “step out in faith.” They are the ones who will realize when it’s time to stop all planning, organizing; strategizing; talking, and worrying. That there is a time when we have to say enough! It’s time to take a deep breath, say a prayer, jump into the project, and see what happens. You cannot make adjustments to your plan unless you have launched.

That’s a fact.

A Proactive approach to life coupled with focused Proaction will pay off in a dramatically improved quality of life. More happiness, more success, and wealth. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get busy and make something happen.

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