The Rules of Time Management


Many of you already know that I am a time management freak. I have to be or my life would be in shambles. I had to learn the fundamental basics of managing my time early. You see, I’m easily distracted. I know that none of my readers suffer from the same affliction but it’s true. I’m a shiny object kind of guy and if it wasn’t for my lifelong commitment to time management I would still be chasing every deal that came along. The fact is that time management is worthless unless you can master TASK PRIORITIZATION. You must be able to prioritize the things that you need to do in order to manage them. You must ask yourself,  “What is the most valuable use of my time right now!?”  Make a list; prioritize that list then manage the list! Don’t let anything get in the way of accomplishing the most powerful thing that you could possibly be doing to move your life and your business goals forward.

Here are a few facts that might help you on your mission of improving your task prioritization and time management skills;

  1. FACT: There is NEVER enough time to do everything, but ALWAYS enough time to do the most important things!
  2. FACT: The best time management tool is the word….NO!
  3. FACT: Run your day or it WILL run you
  4. FACT: Do NOT mistake Activity for Productivity!
  5. FACT: Beware of the Time Vampires! People or things that distract you for your primary tasks!
  6. FACT: Your ability to set clear and accurate priorities on your time determines the entire quality of your life. You must always concentrate on the small number of activities that contribute the greatest value to your life and work
  7. FACT: Every minute spend in planning saves ten minutes in execution. Plan for ten minutes improve your time efficiency by nearly two hours a day.
  8. FACT: Your rewards will always be determined by your results. Improve your efficiency/results, improve your rewards.

There is much more to it, but just like a house must sit on a strong foundation, there are FACTS of time management that you must first understand in order to begin it’s mastery.

If you need some help, I’m here. That’s what I do. I’m open for business. Call or write and we’ll attack it together. It’ll be worth your time!


Coach Dan


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