Every once in a while I like to review previous blogs to see how my opinion might have changed. I first published a version of this blog in 2010. Nearly three years later the issue is the same and the emotion is the same and I see just as many if not more business people who allow themselves to be BEAT by their own limiting beliefs. The economy is what it is. Talking heads on the business networks and print will always make their predictions; tell you what they think and will continue to cry wolf.

Will we ever get free of the mental and emotional shackles of this economy? I doubt it. Although there are many positive signs, over the next few coming years, people will continue to lose their homes and their wealth.  But once again….. it doesn’t have to be you!

In my professional business coaching practice I tell all of my clients to slow down, take a deep breath and think about what the reality is.  Just because things are tough does not mean that you should put your goals, your dreams, or the success of your business and your life on hold. Quite the contrary! As a matter of fact there is enough research to fill the Arizona desert to prove that in every tough economy there is always….I repeat, Always major opportunities for those who chose to seek them out. My mentor, Brian Tracy refers to it in his Financial Success newsletter as (and I quote) “In nasty recessions like this one, they always provide once in a lifetime opportunities to get rich!”

There is not enough room or time to refer to all of the research or strategies that we could employ here, so let’s keep it simple. The secret of people who get rich in a tough economy is that they have physically and mentally created a personal and business GROWTH strategy versus accepting and living with a SURVIVAL strategy.  Think about it. How do you go about your day, simply surviving or are you taking advantage of the opportunities with a mentality of growth and a watchful eye for opportunity?

Test it yourself. Think about words you use; how you process issues and challenges. In my business coaching practice I see many business owners who have allowed their “perception” of the economy to cloud their entire life with a veil of doom and gloom. The glass is always half empty! Others have a growth plan or are at least open to creating one, finding and building on the available opportunities.

It’s all about attitude, my friend, so open your eyes and look for opportunity, think every day about winning above all odds. Mold your life around how to take advantage of your competitions bad attitudes and their wait and see vision. Stop looking to your perception of how bad you think the economy is as a convenient excuse or crutch to lean on. Stop using the economy to blame for all that’s seemingly wrong. It’s not just thinking about potential, the potential is real.  Don’t listen to any of the negative chatter and headlines. Just say the hell with it and go get your share of the pie, and don’t ever let anyone tell you what your share is. Go claim your turf while everyone else is singing the blues.  All you have to do is open your eyes and ears to see and hear the success stories coming out of these times. So stick your chin out and let’s start moving forward. Proclaim that you’re sick and tired of worrying. Take charge of your business and your life with a positive strategy of GROWTH rather than just survival!

If you need help and support along the way, give me a call or write. That’s my business helping business people grow and prosper and claim success however they define it. That’s what I do and business is good!

Be Great!

Coach Dan



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