Secrets Of Working From Home

Many of you now find yourself with the task of working from home. I’ve done it quite successfully for years. Some of you have not. So, I wanted to offer you a list some of the secrets that I’ve discovered that might be of help.

  1. GO TO WORK! If you’re working from home, WORK! It’s very important for you to acquire the work mindset immediately. Look, the key is that you need to get up in the morning with your same routine as you’ve always had, with the exception that you’re never leaving the house. When the process takes you to that point of climbing in your car and heading out, now climb into your office chair and go to work. When I first started, I would have breakfast with my spouse then say, “See you later, I’m off to work!”. Then I would climb the stairs and go to my work area. I would GO to work.
  2. Dress for work! Do not and I repeat, do not get into the habit of not dressing for work. The working from home attire is not boxer shorts and a tee shirt. I’m not saying you have to wear a suit, but to do business from home it is imperative that you feel like you’re doing business.
  3. Create yourself a place to go to work. Don’t plop on the couch with your laptop. Don’t sit up at the kitchen table or on the back porch. Create yourself a workplace where you can set up your computer and declare it your office.
  4. Control your environment and set rules. Eliminate interruptions and noise. Try to block as many distractions as possible. It can be hard, but distractions will really mess you up when it comes to your performance. Distractions can be the ringing house phone. It can be fighting kids. Distractions can be your television. Do not give in to the temptation to do things that you wouldn’t do at your formal workplace.
  5. Take breaks. It is always important to pace yourself. Stay disciplined and pace yourself and you will get more work done in a day than you’ve ever done before. Eliminate the typical office distractions and staying focused can provide incredible productivity.
  6. Discipline rules. Create disciplines for yourself that are set in stone. Success will be based on your work from home mindset. You must have disciplines in all areas, like when you get up and start work each day; dressing for work; time management and task prioritization; focus; breaks and on and on. You must be disciplined in running your day or it will undoubtedly run you.

Look at it this way. Learning to work remotely should be considered a skill. And, new skills can be very powerful for your future success. Master the self-discipline required to work from home and you may just want to permanently work from home.

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