Real-World Business Coach Danny Creed

Master Business Coach. Speaker. Author.

Master Business Coach. Speaker. Author.

Master Business Coach. Speaker. Author.

Master Business Coach Danny Creed brings a Career of Unstoppable Success to Audiences Around the World.

Six-time winner of the Brian Tracy Award of Sales Excellence, Master Business Coach DANNY CREED is also a trainer, consultant, motivator, trusted advisor and best-selling author who always delivers a “real world” message of business experience and concepts that will transform your audience.
Keynote speaking, motivational speaking, meeting facilitation and workshop presentations appropriate for:
  • Sales Teams
  • Company Planning Retreats
  • Conventions
  • Corporate Events
  • Trade Organizations
  • Workshops & Business Training Breakout Sessions
  • Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Chambers of Commerce
Danny’s down-to-earth, conversational speaking style is rich with knowledge designed to inspire and empower your teams.

His advice can be implemented instantly for immediate results. Some of his topics include:

  • Managing Change / Business Turnarounds
  • Customer Satisfaction & Service
  • Grassroots Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Priority and Time Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Superstar Communication
  • Much more!


“Dan Creed was one of the most enamoring speakers that we’ve ever had in our boardroom. ”

“We received so many favorable comments on your presentation, 'Surviving and Thriving with a Customer Acquisition Strategy'. Your presentation skills and knowledge of the industry makes you an asset to have on the agenda and a sure-win for a successful conference.”

"If you are looking for a dynamic and entertaining professional that knows the sales game inside and out, then Dan Creed is the speaker for your next sales event.  Dan not only delivered an excellent session on Negotiating for us, he also sat down with me and personalized the message so it was consistent with the training that I am bringing to our network. Dan delivers a message that your sales team will take back with them after your event.  I highly recommend Dan Creed as that type of presenter!"

"WOW! Thanks for a great presentation at our marketing seminar. The group gave you rave reviews. Speaking as a member of the ITA marketing committee, thanks for making us look good! Your presentation was put together well and delivered in an outstanding manner. Again, Thanks!"

"Dan's energy and enthusiasm are equaled only by his knowledge of human behavior and what makes people make the business decisions they do. These are all critical elements of successful business coaching and inspiring motivational speaking. Dan's ability to listen to a situation and provide expert advice on next steps is exactly what business owners need in today's market."