Do you know your ideal client…even when you see them? The fact that most business owners do not get is that your ideal client is much different from your typical client! Your typical client NEEDS what you sell, but your ideal client WANTS what you sell! That difference is huge. Prospects may or may not buy what they need, but they always buy what they want. If you know how to find your ideal client, you can literally dominate your market.  But again the fact of the matter is, if you don’t know who they are and what they look like you can NEVER FIND them!

It sounds incredible really, but in my business coaching practice I see, literally every day, thousands of dollars of marketing budgets and lost time efficiency go out the window because the business person had no idea who their customer really was or what their customer had evolved too. Let me give you a couple of examples. I had a client that in our early discussions about their marketing program and its current effectiveness, the client proudly said that they had just hired an award winning copy writer so that their media copy would be powerful; funny and award winning! This was much better copy than they had ever previously had and my client really believed that great copy would solve his answer to success in marketing.

Unfortunately, I rained on his parade with this one question: “Who is your target customer?” He could answer only in general but without many specifics. It became very easy to see, very quickly, that without knowing who his target customer was; how they thought; how and why they bought; and what they wanted, the best copy writer in the world could not write effective copy that got results. It was essential for the copy writer to know who to target the message to!

The same goes for networking however we’ll talk about that in another conversation. But remember this, prospects buy based on emotions, and wants are emotion based. Needs are logic based. When your product or service matches what your prospects specifically want, you will immediately begin to attract your ideal client. So take some time; slow down and take a long hard look at how your business has evolved, do some research, tap into some industry information and then, if necessary, re-configure who you sell to and what you sell them. You’ll be happy…your customers will be happier!

Of course, as always, if you need some help doing this, I’m open for business. Give me a call!

As always, BE GREAT!

Coach Dan

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