Take The Plunge

At my house, I have three bathrooms. And in each bathroom is a plunger. I know by now that you’re asking yourself,” why does he have a toilet plunger in every bathroom?” Here’s why, because the sewer lines are clogged all the time. I can’t trust them. We can’t have anyone over for dinner because I have been afraid of what might happen if any of them went to the bathroom, and they inevitably would need to.

So i finally had enough. I had some experts come out and run a camera down the sewer line and take a look. We also had them inspect all of the toilets in the house. Sure enough, they all needed replaced and the line needed to be purged. The problem seems to be solved and I’ve tentatively moved the plungers to the garage.

This entire event got me thinking. When you think about it, the human mind is very much like my toilets and sewer lines, if you don’t take care of it through regular maintenance and regular cleaning, it WILL get clogged. So many of us allow negative thinking, or negative people into our lives that our minds get all clogged up with tons of crappola. We can’t think anything but negative thoughts; we stop learning; we worry about things that don’t affect us or things that we can’t do anything about; we harbor unnecessary animosity; we allow petty issues turn into gargantuan grudges; and we become someone that others do not like to be around. When all of this happens, we then start throwing blame around. We blame the news on television; we blame CNN; we blame Congress; we blame the weather; we blame friends and spouses and kids. We blame everyone except ourselves.

If you’ve allowed this to happen and your mind is clogged up with sewage, it’s time to clear it out, or live a life of angry mediocrity. The answer is fairly simple really. We just have to put different things into our mind to unclog the gunk. Sometimes that might include changing your friends and people that are your current circle of friends. If all your group does is gripe and moan about everything and everyone, it’s time for a change. Change your associates if possible. Have you ever attended a meeting with a positive and aggressive attitude only to have someone else in the meeting, with a totally screwed-up view on life, someone who is mad at the world and angry, force their negative vibe on you? Then, when you leave, you find yourself frustrated and depressed rather than positive and aggressive like you began the day with. Personally, I haven’t watched the local news in over 10 years. I haven’t been able to justify why I need to know most of the death and destruction stories that lead every broadcast. How hard is it to find a good book to read? There are literally thousands of educational and motivational cd series, podcasts and books on cd that you can listen to while you’re in your car driving to and from work.

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