Taking Advantage of the Situation

What? Huh? Oh, sorry. I had on my noise cancelling headphones. Seems that I sometimes can’t hear anything other than people moaning and groaning about the market or the economy or politics. It feels like an opera of deafening noise of which if listened to for too long will make you utterly and completely useless.

But with all the negative conversation, there always seems to be some crazy, maniacal business owner out there who is so incredibly bold as to challenge the noise and not listen to the maddening crowd. They’re quietly thriving in their businesses winning new customers, adding new sales and stealing market share at every opportunity. The ability to “not listen” to the negative is a powerful skill that anyone can learn.

I recently asked one of these business owners just how hard it was for them to implement their strategy of positive enthusiasm when so many others were predicting doomsday. He said, “Easy! When the perception of our world gets bad, all of my competition seems to pull their head in their shell (like a turtle) and hide. At that point, I attack the market. While they’re worrying and watching, I’m out there asking their customers to come to me if they need anything, and by the time my competitors reappear, I own the market. They don’t know what happened.”

No matter what the perception is, consumers will still need your products, so the question is, are you there when they need you? While others are in hiding are you stepping up your sales efforts and customer service programs? These people are not recreating the wheel, they know what works and what doesn’t. They’ve taken the time to find out what others around the country and world are doing and then they’re doing it to. One of the single greatest business growth strategy’s in the world today is to simply do some research on who is the best in your industry. Once you know this, then do some research on them. Heck call them up and ask them what how they do what they do. Laugh all you want, but I’ve done this, and it works. When I started my business coaching practice, I literally called about ten other coaches who were considered some of the world’s best. They were all very willing to help me.

Find out what the top people do, then do these things yourself, over and over, day in day out. Get better every day and build your confidence. When the day comes where your competition begins to believe in all the negative yammering and slides into some deep, dark hole, be ready. Have your flag out, stick it in the ground and loudly proclaim that you claim this market and every customer in it belongs to you. Your plan of positive expectation, your plan to thrive in any economy activates the storied Law of Attraction and you WILL win new customers, add new sales and steal market at every opportunity.

Now you can say, “Come on In, I’m OPEN for business.”

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