The Basics of Managing Change

If you want to thrive, let alone survive in business today, you better hone your change management skills because it is happening every minute of the day. Everything has and will continue to change. Count on it. 


If you can’t stand a change in the workplace, you had better quit and find a job doing, well, I don’t know. I’m not sure if any position is exempt from change. So, get used to it and learn what to do and stop panicking. 


There are five main ingredients to consider achieving change in any way successfully. The five components are Vision; plus, Skills; plus, Incentives; plus, Resources; plus, an Action Plan. Add these all together, and you have successfully achieved a level of change. But here is the rub. If you leave out any of these elements, then you create an entirely different result, and the change that occurs creates more problems.


Here’s what happens.

Take away VISION from the five ingredients, and you have CONFUSION.

Take away SKILLS from the five ingredients, and you have ANXIETY

Take away INCENTIVES from the five components, and you have RESISTANCE

Take away RESOURCES from the elements, and you have FRUSTRATION

Take away an ACTION PLAN from the five ingredients, and what you are left with is multiple and costly FALSE STARTS.


The scary part in all of this is that many businesses that I deal with every day do not have two, let alone all five of these ingredients. So, step up and admit it if this is you. The very first step in making something happen is, making something happen. Stop worrying about all the things that can go wrong and focus on the opportunities that exist. Proclaim to the world that you’re ready to wrestle with this gorilla called change. Now with peaked courage and confidence, get busy and begin to review, identify, and build on each of these five key ingredients. Once you start working on them and get the old entrepreneurial juices flowing, it will become easier to grow and build these elements. It’s incredible really what happens when you focus and put effort into getting the necessary clarity. Your confidence continues to grow, and eventually, you begin to understand and believe that you can deal with anything that the universe throws at you. 


A friend of mine and a highly respected business guru once said something that I often reflect on when I discuss the foundation of managing change. It’s tough, it’s not easy, but it’s necessary. Managing change is like wrestling that gorilla. My friend said, “When wrestling with a gorilla, you don’t quit when you get tired, quit when the gorilla gets tired.” 


In a time of rapid change, learn to tackle it head-on with these simple steps, and you then know how to turn these necessary adjustments into an opportunity. Now that’s the kind of change that I like!

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