The Eleven Decisions

I am very fortunate to live the life I’ve lived. This is in part, due to a major discovery that I made. That discovery changed my life in ways that I never thought possible. The revelation was simple. I noticed lots of people who seemed to be terminally stuck with how things are for them. Life just didn’t work out for them. Some would say, “I had my chance and blew it.” Based upon their “survival” mindset, they spent their time idling about just waiting for someone to give them a second chance.

A most powerful lesson that I learned was years ago and I finally wrote about it in my best-selling book, A Life Best Lived: A Story of Life, Death and Second Chances. The concept is simple. While most people sit around waiting for someone to reward them with a second chance, others understand that it is within their own power to reward themselves with a second, a third and even a fourth chance or more. We have the power to do that.

Much of the decision to step up and give ourselves another chance is based on living the best life we possibly can. And, the way we do this is almost too simple to believe. It has nothing to do with big, incredible acts. It has everything to do with self-discipline to commit daily to small but specific tasks.

I outlined in the book the ELEVEN DECISIONS that one has to make in order to live their best life possible and to then be able to grant ourselves second chances. Here is the foundation and the rock that living a better life with a thriving mindset is built on.

  1. Life is best lived than Feared! Every day I honor my right to a second chance!
  2. I will faithfully establish goals as part of my Life Best Lived plan and commit to them daily!
  3. My Purpose in life is to help others achieve their destiny, and through this, I achieve mine!
  4. It’s my life and I take complete responsibility for my past and my future. No more excuses: no more complaints: no more blame.
  5. I prioritize my time. The most important things in life will never be at the mercy of the least important things!
  6. I will constantly seek wisdom and knowledge for my personal and professional growth. I will never stop learning.
  7. I am a person of action. I choose to make a difference now.
  8. I make it a habit to find and express gratitude and gratefulness for everyone and everything around me.
  9. I will forgive others, and more importantly, forgive myself!
  10. I make it a habit to rest, relax, reflect, and be aware of my environment.
  11. I am a person of great faith, in God and myself.

When you make these eleven decisions and commit to them your life changes. Your focus is different, and your mindset is adjusted from one of a survivor and just getting by, to one of a thriving life and taking charge of living your best life possible. Then and only then can you understand the concept of your access to second and third chances.

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