The Gigantic Guide To Thinking Big (And Not Getting Stuck In Doorways)

Greetings, fellow dreamers, schemers, and big thinkers! Every year, every human being on Earth and other planets should be setting goals. Unfortunately, it is estimated that 70% of all humans sadly have no goals; 28% say they have goals, and 2% have solid, clear written goals. And those with written goals usually dominate the success landscape. But it is my experience as a lifelong written goal-setting machine that many people unconsciously short-change themselves by not allowing themselves to think BIG. People are morbidly satisfied with life and don’t challenge themselves by dreaming big. Others blow big thinking off as illogical. While others are just afraid. So today, we’re embarking on an epic journey to explore the fascinating world of thinking big. So, fasten your seatbelts (metaphorically, of course, because we’re just sitting at our screens), and let’s dive headfirst into this colossal adventure!

Thinking big starts with a wild imagination. Don’t be afraid. You’re the only one who might know about the images you conjure. Have fun, and don’t be embarrassed. How big will you allow yourself to dream? That is the secret. You must allow yourself to dream. Most executives I work with have chased goals set by their employers for years and never had their own goals. Break free from those restrictive chains and dream; create a vision. Remember, folks, the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning!

Every big thinker encounters obstacles, and we’ve got to talk about the colossal mistakes. Remember, Edison didn’t invent the light bulb on his first try. He probably tripped over a few extension cords, too. So, embrace your failures with open arms and laugh in the face of adversity!

You may think I’m crazy, but I am sure there is a Cosmic Conspiracy of Comfort Zones. The comfort zone, that cozy little cocoon of complacency that so many get wrapped up in, never to emerge from their double wide. Thinking big requires venturing into uncharted territory. Put on your boots, cinch up your belt, grab a snack for the road (giant popcorn, anyone?), and step out in faith and see what happens.

Another element to thinking big is that you will be required to have a semi-truckload of motivation. Imagine your goals as a massive mountain range. Now, grab your climbing gear, throw on your most motivational playlist (Rocky theme song, anyone?), and start scaling those peaks. Motivation, whatever it might be, will drive your efforts.

If motivation is the vehicle, then Confidence is the jet fuel that propels us toward our big dreams. Channel your inner superhero (cape optional) and stride boldly toward your goals.

So, finally, we come to goals. DO NOT just do your goals so you can say you have them. You should direct your efforts toward setting big goals, and you should also have a plan for achieving these goals.

Set your goals high! Whether it’s launching a rocket to Mars or creating a line of edible clothing (because why not?), make them as big as a herd of elephants. Aim for the stars; even if you miss, I know from experience that you’ll still experience a level of success you never thought possible.

And there you have it, the short but Gigantic Guide to Thinking Big! Remember, the world is your playground, and your imagination is the limit. So, go forth, dream big, and remember to have a good laugh along the way. Who knows? You might stumble upon the next big thing (or at least a hilarious story to tell at parties)!

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